Stop the presses — the Nord N30 just dropped to its lowest price EVER during Amazon's Black Friday sale

The shiny back of the OnePlus Nord N30 5G
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The day itself may be over a week away, but the Black Friday phone deals have officially landed. A bunch of these offers are already breaking records, such as this Amazon deal that drops the OnePlus Nord N30 5G down to $229.99, which is the cheapest that the phone has ever been.

If you're unfamiliar, OnePlus is a bit of an underdog in the smartphone landscape (in North America, at least), but they nevertheless produce some of the most innovative and thoughtfully-designed phones on the market. The mid-range OnePlus Nord N30 boasts an efficient Snapdragon chip, a reliable 5,000mAh with lightning-fast charging, and some useful software features courtesy of Oxygen OS. You even get a 3.5mm headphone jack. The Nord N30 is the best Android phone under $300 by a long shot, and this Black Friday deal makes it cheaper than ever. 

The OnePlus Nord N30 crashes to lowest price EVER

OnePlus Nord N30 128GB: $299.99$229.99 at Amazon

OnePlus Nord N30 128GB: $299.99 $229.99 at Amazon

An early Black Friday deal from Amazon is carving a sweet 23% off the OnePlus Nord N30, one of our favorite affordable Android phones. Not only is this the largest discount that the N30 has ever received, but you're getting a reliable device that performs way above its class. 

Price tracker: Best Buy - $229.99 | OnePlus - $299.99

Have a bit more to spend?

Google Pixel 7a: $499$374 at Amazon

Google Pixel 7a: $499 $374 at Amazon

The OnePlus Nord N30 deal is definitely the best phone you can grab under $300 today, but if you're able to spend a bit more, it's worth noting that the Google Pixel 7a is currently selling for just $374. 

That's another record-breaking discount from Amazon, plus you're getting a phone that's considerably better than the N30, with a Tensor G2 chipset and some flagship-quality camera tech.  

Price tracker: Best Buy - $374 | Walmart - $419

If you end up buying a new phone during Black Friday or Cyber Monday, don't forget to preserve all of your precious data using our Android to Android transfer guide.

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