The Galaxy S24 Ultra may have a much better display, more storage

The home screen of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

What you need to know

  • The Galaxy S24 Ultra may keep its 6.8-inch display but its peak brightness could rise to 2,500 nits with a larger 3120x1440 resolution.
  • It's rumored that the S24 Ultra will drop the curved display, opting for a totally flat one instead.
  • The device is also rumored to feature a 2TB internal storage option at its highest.

Samsung is reportedly interested in upgrading the face of its upcoming top-of-the-line flagship phone. Known X leaker Ice Universe alleges the company will increase the brightness of the Galaxy S24 Ultra to 2,500 nits (via 9to5Google). 

The device is rumored to continue to sit at 6.8 inches. However, Samsung may boost its resolution to 3120x1440 with a 19.5:5 aspect ratio. For context, the S23 Ultra's peak brightness reaches 1,750 nits with a slightly lower 3088x1440 resolution and a smaller 19.3:9 aspect ratio.

Furthermore, it appears as though the enlarged resolution is thanks to Samsung possibly dropping the curves from the S24 Ultra's display. From the provided leaked render of the device, Ice suggests that the S24 Ultra will deliver a completely flat display.

This would bring the brand's next Ultra model more in line with the displays of its most recent S23 and S23 Plus.

Additionally, there's a leak stemming from Tech_Reve, who states the Galaxy S24 Ultra may have a 2TB internal storage option on launch (via SamMobile).

Reve adds that it's "almost certain" that the 256GB option of the S24 Ultra will be paired with 12GB of RAM. Furthermore, Samsung may look to offer a smaller (and potentially cheaper) 128GB storage variant with 8GB of RAM, as well.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra launched with three internal storage variants: 1TB, 512GB, and 256GB. With rumors saying Samsung could widen the range in both directions, consumers may be spoiled for choice early next year. What's interesting is that a previous rumor suggests the S24 Ultra may reach up to 16GB of RAM at its "maximum."

Perhaps this is in reference to the now rumored 2TB version of the phone. We'll have to wait for more to know for sure.

As a note, the S24 Ultra isn't the only one potentially receiving a display upgrade, as the base S24 and S24 Plus might come with an LTPO refresh. This would deliver a more "Ultra" like experience to the other two models as the display would provide a better refresh rate and power management.

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