Pixel 8 series may only offer small battery and wired charging upgrades

A USB-C charger plugged into the Pixel 7
(Image credit: Derrek Lee / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Rumors suggest the Pixel 8 series may deliver 24W and 27W wired charging for its base and Pro versions.
  • Compared to the Pixel 7 series, the rumored battery capacity increases are minimal with its Pro version possibly only rising to 4,950mAh.
  • Google may include Wi-Fi 7 support for the new series while keeping its UWB support exclusive to the 8 Pro model.

Speculation continues to surface regarding Google's next Pixel series and its supposed charging ability.

Via an unknown source, Android Authority states the upcoming Pixel 8 series might see an increase in charging speeds over its previous iterations. According to the rumor, the base Pixel 8 model might feature 24W wired charging while the 8 Pro has a suggested 27W charging strength.

Allegedly, the devices may contain a 4,485mAh battery and a 4,950mAh battery, as well, to go along with the respective supported charging numbers.

For context, these numbers aren't that impressive considering the Pixel 7 features 20W wired charging and the 7 Pro delivers 23W. The rumors continue to suggest baby steps toward improvement in the capacity department as the Pixel 8 series' predecessors arrived with 4,270mAh and 4,926mAh batteries, as well. 

The charging strength is pretty far off from the Motorola Edge+ 2023's 68W wired charging and around half the capability of the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Furthermore, the rumor states the Pixel 8 series might contain Wi-Fi 7 connectivity support, which is a notable shift (for the better) in speed and latency over the previous series. UWB (ultra-wideband) support is allegedly sticking to Google's Pro model, as well.

This would be unfortunate if so considering Google included such support with its Pixel Tablet and Pixel Fold. Lastly, rumors touch on the Pixel 8 series' potential expanded availability in Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, and Portugal.

Rumors speaking to the charging potential of the Pixel 8 series aren't entirely new as a leak from last month touched on its wireless charging potential. Back then, it was rumored the Pixel 8 series would feature 12W Qi wireless charging and that has been mentioned again with this new round of rumors.

Google isn't expected to fully reveal the Pixel 8 series until later this year, as usual. However, images of an alleged Pixel 8 Pro prototype unit were spotted recently. The photos show off the device's reversion to a flat display while also giving us some insight into what its internal specifications may look like during launch.

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