Alleged Pixel 8 Pro prototype unit shows its design and internal specs

Holding the hazel Google Pixel 7 Pro

What you need to know

  • Images of a Pixel 8 Pro prototype unit detail 12GB of Samsung LPDDR5 RAM and 128GB UFS internal storage.
  • The "husky" codename was rumored previously and attributed to the Pixel 8 Pro while the "zuma" name refers to the new Tensor G3 SoC.
  • The photos also give us a closer look at the Pixel 8 Pro's speculated flat screen and triple camera array.

Someone in possession of an in-development Pixel 8 Pro has seemingly jumped the gun far sooner than anyone expected. While it has been removed, a user over on Reddit posted a couple of pictures of an assumed Pixel 8 Pro prototype unit (via Droid Life). The fact that the device is indeed a developer unit is made evident by the very prominent "for test/evaluation only" sticker beneath the triple camera array.

This minimalistic boot mode details the existence of 12GB of Samsung LPDDR5 RAM alongside 128GB of USF internal storage.

A Pixel 8 Pro prototype unit.

(Image credit: Droid Life)

A couple of codenames, specifically "husky" and "zuma," could guide us through this developer unit in question. The former was mentioned late last year in a leak referencing a couple of upcoming Google phones. It was assumed that "husky" would pertain to the Google Pixel 8 Pro considering it was alleged that the device would sport a more impressive 2822x1344 resolution display.

"Zuma," on the other hand, was said to be the codename of Google's new Tensor G3 chip — also allegedly in development with help from Samsung. The "ripcurrent" namedrop in the device's bootloader version number may also reference the new Tensor G3 chip as that codename was rumored last summer.

The photos give us a decent look at the alleged Pixel 8 Pro's flat display which was rumored a couple of months ago after its renders leaked. A display change such as this would be notable as last year's Pixel 7 Pro featured a dual-curved design.

The back of the prototype unit does give us quite a close look at the supposed Pixel 8 Pro's camera array. Google's upcoming top-of-the-line flagship had its camera specs leaked several weeks ago which detailed its possible 50MP Samsung ISOCELL GN2 sensor.

A 64MP ultra-wide lens, as well as a 48MP telephoto lens, were also rumored. Also, that odd-looking sensor beneath the array's flash appears to deal with reading users' temperature, as detailed in a recent leak.

Google isn't expected to launch the Pixel 8 series until later this year (as usual). However, there were some Pixel 8 render leaks showcasing a device that could be smaller than the Pixel 7.

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  • Joshua Luther1
    The base storage should be 256 for the pro.
  • cowboys2000
    I like having a 128GB and 256 Option. Just becuase I'm buying the Pro, doesn't mean I want or need 256GB,

    I have the 128GB on my 7 Pro. I save things to the cloud and my home network periodically.

    Now, I would say a flagship device should never have 64GB in 2023. And by this, I mean Apple selling Ipads with 64GB! For a smartphone, 64GB is basic. IMHO
  • dapetik
    Give me the rear finger print reader back!