Google Pixel 8 listing reveals wireless charging speed

Google Pixel 8 renders
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What you need to know

  • Google Pixel 8 reportedly arrived at Wireless Power Consortium (WPC).
  • The listing reveals that the device could limit to 12W wireless charging speeds.
  • It is the same standard as the Google Pixel 7 series from last year.
  • The phone also won't come with the new Qi2 standard.

The Pixel 8 series is the next awaited product from Google. The company is expected to launch the phones this fall, including the Pixel 8 and the Pixel 8 Pro. While we await the launch, the alleged Pixel 8 has reportedly hit the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) (via 9to5Google).

The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) is a regulatory process to certify the device's wireless charging capabilities. Apparently, the Pixel 8 has been registered bearing the GKWS6 model number. The 9to5 report confirms the suggested model number to be accurate.

Google Pixel 8 WPC listing

(Image credit: via 9to5Google)

Last year's Pixel 7 and 7 Pro arrived at WPC a week before their official release. The Pixel 8, however, has come up a little early, giving us an idea of what to expect, although it doesn't sound very exciting.

Unfortunately, the Pixel 8 might not see any improvements in the wireless charging speeds, per the WPC listing. It will apparently be the same as the Pixel 7 from last year, limiting the capabilities to just 12W. In comparison, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is still slightly faster with 15W wireless charging support.

Additionally, it seems the Pixel 8 will not likely witness the Qi2 wireless charging announced early this year, based on the version number. For the unaware, the Qi2 is a new wireless charging standard that aims to "unify the industry under one global standard and provide enhanced convenience and efficiency for mobile devices and wearables," WPC said during the announcement.

The Qi2 works similarly to Apple's MagSafe wireless charging methods involving magnets that surround the wireless charging on Android devices to align with the charging accessories.

There are still hopes for the rumored Pixel 8 Pro as only the Pixel 8 was spotted at the WPC so far, and the Pro may still support the Qi2 wireless standard for 15W charging. However, the inclusion is still speculative at this point. A couple of weeks or months would give us a clear picture of the new wireless charging adoption.

Meanwhile, we recently witnessed a massive Pixel 8 Pro leak, which showcased a video of the device demonstrating the new temperature sensor on the back of the phone.

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  • Joshua Luther1
    As usual, Google is falling behind in hardware behind Samsung and Apple.
  • fuzzylumpkin
    If the battery lasts a full day and it is charged when I pick it up in the morning, I literally couldn't care less. If you need it to charge fast, plug in a cable.

    That said, the wired charging speed is probably bad too. And they will probably lie about it again.