The Pixel 7a is a waste of your time when the Pixel 7 is this cheap

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There are plenty of great Prime Day deals on phones, but one that really sticks out to us is this deal on the Pixel 7. It normally retails for $599, but this Prime Day discount knocks off $100, placing the flagship at a much more affordable $499 for the 128GB model.

Not convinced? Well, that's the same launch price for the newer Pixel 7a, which, while still a good phone, cuts a few corners to get down to that price. However, you'll find fewer compromises for the Pixel 7. It has one of the best cameras you can find on a smartphone. And I'll be honest; I don't even care for Pixels very much. However, if I want a good photo, I reach for the Pixel 7 first, no matter what other Android phone I'm also carrying with me. It's really that good.

Google Pixel 7:$599 $499 at Amazon

Google Pixel 7: $599 $499 at Amazon

This Prime Day deal slashes the price of the Pixel 7, making it as accessible as the "affordable" model. Thanks to the flagship Tensor chipset and superb camera capabilities, this is a good time to snag the Pixel 7 before the price climbs back up again.

With the Pixel, you have instant access to cool features like Magic Eraser, allowing you to edit other people and objects out of a picture so they're not photobombing you. There are tons of Pixel-exclusive features available on the Pixel 7, and you'll usually get first dibs on new software updates too.

If the 128GB Pixel 7 isn't enough storage for you, you always have the option to subscribe to Google One for additional cloud storage, which is incredibly useful when using Google Photos. However, you can always spring for the 256GB Google Pixel 7, which is also on sale for Prime Day and worth looking at if you just prefer more physical storage.

You might also want to take a look at some of the other Prime Day phone deals we've pointed out in case the Pixel 7 doesn't quite tickle your fancy.

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Don't forget to protect your new device with one of the best Google Pixel 7 cases, many of which are also seeing some great Prime Day price cuts.

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