No way, the Pixel 7a is already $100 off?

Google Pixel 7a in a Peak Design case
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The Pixel 7a might be the best-value phone of 2023, but this early Prime Day deal makes it even cheaper. Better yet, you won't even need an Amazon Prime membership because Best Buy has the Pixel 7a for $100 off right now! That's actually $50 less than what Amazon is offering the phone at for early Prime Day deals.

The Pixel 7a uses the same great Google Tensor G2 that's in the far more expensive Pixel Fold and Pixel 7 Pro, yet, is offered in a much less expensive package. Plus, thanks to Google's premium-looking styling, no one will ever know you saved hundreds of dollars by picking the value model. Now that's smart thinking!

Google Pixel 7a: $499 $399 at Best Buy

Google Pixel 7a: $499 $399 at Best Buy

Forget spending a thousand dollars (or more) on a new phone! The Google Pixel 7a is at its lowest price ever and is really the only phone you even need to consider this year. Get the award-winning Pixel camera, a gorgeous display, and regular Pixel updates and new features with this great deal.

Also available at Amazon for $449

If I had to pick any one phone to buy this year, it would be the Pixel 7a. It's nearly impossible to find value like this with today's overly expensive smartphones, yet, Google came through with a value win in 2023.

The Pixel 7a is blazing fast thanks to that Google Tensor G2 processor inside and offers great full-day battery life without letting up.

And, of course, the famous Pixel Camera is here in all its glory. Using the biggest sensor on any Pixel A-series phone, the Pixel 7a captures incredible shots from any angle and in any light, offering up crisper, cleaner photos than you'll find on any phone in its price range.

Peak Design fabric case for Google Pixel 7a: $39.99 at Amazon

Peak Design fabric case for Google Pixel 7a: $39.99 at Amazon

Want your Pixel 7a to look as sleek as possible? The Peak Design fabric case is the way to go, offering great protection without added bulk, plus a comfortable fabric back and compatibility with every Peak Design accessory there is.

And just because you're saving a bunch of money on a new phone doesn't mean it's not worth protecting. The Peak Design fabric case is easily my favorite case for the Pixel 7a and offers great grip while still feeling comfortable to use without adding tons of bulk.

Optionally, you might want to consider the official Google silicone case for the phone, which comes in lovely colors, offers tons of extra grip, and even has clicky buttons instead of those nasty squishy buttons most silicone cases have.

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