Does the Pixel 8a support wireless charging?

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Does the Pixel 8a support wireless charging?

Yes, the Google Pixel 8a, like its predecessor, supports Qi wireless charging. You can expect charging speeds up to 7.5W with a fast wireless charger.

Wireless charging is supported, but it's not fast

The Google Pixel 8a needs to cut some corners somewhere to be cheaper than the base Pixel 8, and one of those places is with wireless charging. In comparison, Google includes fast wireless charging on its Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro phones, while the Pixel 8a sticks to a fairly slow 7.5W Qi speed. With a large 4492mAh, you shouldn’t expect to top up your battery in a hurry using wireless charging, but it should be great for topping up at work or in bed.

If you’re in a hurry, you can get up to 18W charging using a cable USB-C charger. Google only includes the cable, so you’ll need to pick up a Qi-compatible charger to get that full speed, however. While you can use an older 5W wireless charger, you’ll need the right charging pad to get the full 7.5W. 

Don’t forget you’ll also need a USB-C charger for your wireless pad that supports these higher speeds, so if you’re trying to make your aging 5W travel adapter last, you’re giving up some speed. Having a high-speed USB-C charger is also a help if you’re in a hurry.

If wireless charging speed is really important to you, the upgrade to the Pixel 8 could be worth the money. The Pixel 8 supports faster 18W wireless charging, while the Pixel 8 Pro supports up to 23W. Even the older Pixel 7 supports 20W wireless charging, so you’ve got a few options if you really need the extra speed.

The Pixel 8a is shaping up to be an incredible value with the Tensor G3 SoC with 8GB of RAM and an excellent display, but the charging speeds aren’t going to impress anyone. Luckily, Google is expecting over 24 hours of battery life for average users, so most people shouldn’t need to worry about finding a charger before the end of the day.

If you’re a heavy user and don’t want to risk running out of battery, you can grab a high-capacity power bank, some of which even work with wireless charging. Overall, the Pixel 8a’s wireless charging capabilities are far from impressive but are decent considering the budget price.

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