We know the Galaxy S8 is coming pretty soon — announced at the end of March and released sometime in April — but increasingly, this year's models aren't putting last year's out of business.

To wit, the Galaxy S7 is getting a steep discount at U.S. carrier T-Mobile (and Sprint, too, on the S7 edge) — $250 off their retail prices (via Thrifter) — and with the Nougat rollout complete the phone is now more compelling than ever. That brings the price of the Galaxy S7 down to $323.99, and the S7 edge down to $429.99 and $444.99 (the Sprint option is $15 more).

It's clear that the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge are going to hold up particularly well even into late-2017 and beyond. As we've seen, the Nougat update brings a number of performance and feature improvements to the Galaxy lineup, and the hardware is still quite strong, both aesthetically and in terms of specs. While the Snapdragon 820 inside the phones is no longer top-of-the-line, Samsung managed to eke impressive performance and stability out of the devices, managing to stay at the top of our best-of lists until the release of the Pixel phones in October.

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The Galaxy S7 line also has a number of features the Pixels don't, namely waterproofing and wireless charging, and arguably much nicer designs. That the phones don't have USB-C ports is unfortunate, but the qualm is easily overlooked considering all of their other upsides — especially at $250 off.

Both the discounted Sprint and T-Mobile versions of the devices also come with 64GB microSD cards to sweeten the pot, but the phones must be ordered through Samsung's online web store, so there is no possibility of wallet-friendly financing. The good news is that the T-Mobile version of the GS7 is probably the best of the bunch if you're going to be roaming at all, since, after unlocking it, it has the most bands and support for the fastest LTE speeds of any of the variants.

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