Motorola Droid Pro

Set to roll out in phases, a software update for Android's candy bar with a keyboard, the Motorola Droid Pro, released late this week adds data encryption of contents stored on the microSD card and the phone itself along with a slew of other enhancements.  Amongst the changes,  Exchange ActiveSync received a healthy update to it's policies, email, and calendar, plus some bug fixes.  IPSec VPN joined forces with Google's VPN and combined their settings menus.  A proxy server can now be defined within the Wi-Fi settings and Verizon's marked it with their VCAST app.  Some other minor bugs are squashed with the update as well.  Full release notes after the break.  [Twitter]

Software Update for the DROID Pro by Motorola

We are pleased to announce the new software update for DROID Pro by Motorola. This software update by Motorola (Version.3.8.7.XT610.Verizon.en.US) brings along data encryption of onboard and micro SD card memory along with many other enhancements. Upgrade today to take advantage of great enhancements and new enterprise capabilities.
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Who Can Use This Release
ALL Motorola DROID Pro users.
After downloading and installing the software release, you will notice:
New Features
Device and SD card encryption
Encrypts files in device memory and/or SD card with AES256 encryption and auto-generated device key.
ActiveSync policies used to control encryption
Device encryption enabled
Require Device Encryption
Require storage card encryption
Additional ActiveSync policies
Require manual synchronization while roaming
Allow HTML E-mail
Attachments enabled
Maximum attachment size
Maximum calendar age filter
Maximum e-mail age filter
Maximum HTML e-mail body truncation size
Maximum e-mail body truncation size
VPN enhancements
IPSec VPN client is now consolidated with Google's VPN UI Settings instead of being standalone app.
HTTP proxy in Wi-Fi
Allows you to set a proxy server in Wi-Fi settings so users can access external HTTP/HTTPS sites when camped on corporate Wireless.
Application store now preloaded.
Enhancements and Improvements:
-Within the Exchange ActiveSync initial email account configuration, you will be prompted to enter a server name.
-Exchange ActiveSync email delivery delays have been corrected.
-Exchange ActiveSync calendar event syncing improvements.
-Calendar events will no longer be deleted from your device if the meeting is updated.
-Device will now allow Wi-Fi users to access external corporate networks.
-Text messages will not display the wrong recipient.
-Global Customers can now re-register on non-CDMA networks after Airplane mode is exited.
-The on-screen clock times remains up-to-date.
-Bluetooth® devices will now select the correct audio recording level for optimal voice capture and alert you when your audio level is too low.
-The 3G Mobile Hotspot icon correctly reflects 3G Moblie Hotspot app status.
-Improved system reselection in GSM/UMTS modes enabling improved network connects.
Step-by-Step Instructions
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Additional Information
There is no charge for this update other than the usual data connection charges. Subject to change without notice.
If you have difficulty with this update, visit us at or or to get help from other owners on our online community at
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