Whether stepping foot into the Android Market for the first time, or just looking for something new to use on your brand new Motorola Droid 2, we've got you covered. The Market is loaded with applications, the variety is insane, and the selection is just plain wild. Searching can be a bit overwhelming at times, so lets take a look at some good foundational applications to get you on your way. Be sure to also check out our review section which we are rapidly filling with software reviews.



App Brain is just about the easiest way to find and install apps for your phone. It keeps track of what you install and can follow you from phone to phone. Check it out here.

Barcode scanner

Barcode scanner

You're going to see a lot of black-and-white barcodes around here. They're just about the easiest way to install apps, jump to websites, etc. But you'll need an app to scan them. Start out with Barcode Scanner. It's easy, it gets the job done, and you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. [Market linkApp Brain]

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Beautiful Widgets

beautiful widgets

Often times when you see a screen shot of an Android device you will notice users with custom skinned clocks and weather icons on their screens. Whether looking for a clock with large numbers, small numbers, purple numbers, or just something to make yours different from your significant others, this application is great. The application gives you quick and easy access to your current weather conditions as well as a quick view of the upcoming 5 days. The application is available in the market for around $1.95, and well worth every penny with the amount of developer support and updates that it see's regularly. [Market Link | AppBrain]



We know, the look of your Android device is really cool out of the box, but who doesn't want to add a little flavor of their own to the device that most likely won't be put down until there is no battery left. LauncherPro is a clean, yet effective home screen replacement that offers users tons of customization, along with bringing many new features. In this you will find scrolling widgets, which are generally only found on sense devices, as well as the ability to chose from quite a variety of custom icons for the home screen. LauncherPro is a great free option for your device, and there is a plus version that is $3 which will unlock some additional great features as well as pay some support to the developer behind the scenes. [Market Link | AppBrain]

Google Listen


You may have heard that we do weekly a podcast here at Android Central, and well, truth be told, it's not something you want to miss. Since we understand some of you can be rather busy at times and can't always make it to a computer to listen to these you will need an alternative. Google Listen is a great free application that does just that. You are able to search for the name of the podcast you wish to listen to, then select the correct one and then you are presented with the podcast. Simply select play and sit back and enjoy. Rather simple, yet oh so functional. [Market Link | AppBrain]

Adobe Flash Showcase


So, your Droid 2 came preloaded with Adobe Flash, sure that is cool and all, if you know what kind of content to use with it. The Adobe Flash Showcase application is a rather simplistic application, but serves a rather awesome purpose. The application will highlight a huge variety of websites that are flash rich sites, whether they contain games, videos or any other flash rich content giving users quick and easy access.  What better way to take advantage of such a huge variety of flash rich content then to have it all in one place? Even better then this one stop shop is the fact that the application is free, so check it out today! [Market Link | AppBrain]

Google Voice 

google voice

Well, not really much to say about Google Voice. Many of you have heard about Google Voice, and what a great service it is, and the newest version of the Android application allows for you to take full advantage of the great features. Since they have opened Google Voice up to everyone there is really no reason not to take advantage of its many great features along with the seamless integration with your Android device. [Market Link | AppBrain]

Astro File Manager 


So, adding music, files, pictures and more to your device or memory card can be great, since you will have all of your information and favorite things with you on the go, but well, how do you explore them? One thing the Android OS lacks is a solid way to navigate your SD card to find files, but no worries Astro File Manager is a great free addition to any Android device. The interface is extremely basic, it allows you to explore your SD card, move, rename, delete and back up files while on the go. Not much else to be said besides its a must have for any new device, and will certainly gain a lot of usage on any given device. [Market Link | AppBrain]

Android Central Widget 


Not much to say besides, why would you not want this on your device? Although in the market for a little while, the recent update gained it some exposure, and well, it's a must have. The two options allow you to chose which way you want the widget presented, and this way you won't miss any of the newest headlines that we are posting! Keep informed, download it now! [Market Link | AppBrain]