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Motorola Milestone Coming Soon To Telus in Canada, Says Telus & Best Buy

The Motorola Milestone (GSM version of the Droid) is expected to hit Canada on Telus...soon. The Milestone has popped up in a Best Buy Mobile's Guide and Motorola has posted a new splash page (opens in new tab) for prospective Canadian users to get informed about one of the best Android devices available. We've previously heard a January 26th Release Date for the Milestone but since that day has come and gone, it's on to the next one. With any luck, we'll see the Milestone release in Canada by the end of February.

The Motorola Milestone is reported to be $199 on a new 3-year contract and $549 unlocked. Remember, the beauty of an unlocked Milestone from a Canadian network is the ability to use it with AT&T 3G. We know some of you AT&T users can't wait for Android to come!

Will any Canadian Android users buy the Milestone or are you guys all waiting/hoping for the Nexus One to release?

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  • I think the Droid/Milestone is one of the nicest looking phones I've seen hardware-wise to date. I'd absolutely love to own one as my first Android device for that reason alone. However, this phone only has a 550Mhz processor, while other Android devices that are coming out have almost double that processing power for the same price. This is the only reason I'm really debating whether I should pick up the Milestone as soon as it's available, or wait for another Android device with better specs. What do you guys suggest/think?
  • the problem with waiting for the another phone with better specs, you are always waiting. There is always a better phone just one more month away.
  • Is google checkout available in Canada? Can Canadians even purchase apps from Android Market? I don't own an Android device yet (so can't check the market for myself) and was waiting on the Milestone since it was announced by Telus last year.
  • I got the Moto Droid about a month ago. I have pushed this processor to the limits in terms of apps continuously and simultaneously. I have a home screen replacement, PandaHome that gives me up to 11 home screens(currently running nine), Lookout anti-virus, Meebo instant messenger signed into 6 accounts, Vodafone Update for keeping up with posts on Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter, and Task Panel task manager all running continuously. Not to mention the other 185 apps I have installed. All free apps. It does run a fraction slower than the first few days I had it. At 550Mhz, the processor comes under-clocked. I haven't, but some have overclocked it to 1Ghz ( ) without many issues. I'm gonna try overclocking to 800Mhz. I'll keep you posted!
  • The Droid that was released in the US can not be compared to the Milestone that was released in Europe or the Milestone that will be soon released in Canada. Do not buy the Milestone if you are wanting to load custom Roms, as you won't be able to like with the Droid.
    Motorola has put signed RSA 1024 bit encryption onto the Milestone model, whereas the Droid does not have this. This means, you won't be able to overclock your milestone and be kept at the underclocked 550 Mhz, Also you will not be able to experience any extra features developers create using custom built roms. Finally you will be always relying on Motorola to hand out updates and provide bug fixes in these updates. Soo far they have been several months behind in releasing these and do not contain all bug fixes. Android 2.1 has been pushed back to late March if it is actually released then. Basically you will have an open sourced phone that has been locked up just like an iPhone. Except it's a Motorola. You could call it a mPhone. This phone is no Android.
  • The milestone is RSA 128bit encrypted!? WTF. That ruins my whole plan. I was planning on switching from fido to telus, just because I want a damn android phone so bad. The iphone is boring me now :P. Why can't telus let us own our hardware we buy? This is BS. Is there any encryption on the HTC hero? Cause I know that can be rooted. 128 bit RSA is crackable too... I wonder how long it will take to have a rooted milestone...
  • Ummm... is the milestone going to be the same as the one released in europe? It's been rooted there..