Motorola's announced just a few smartphone this year, and one of them is the Moto X4. The X4 was first announced at IFA in August, but U.S. availability was never fully disclosed. Thankfully, that's changing today.

You'll be able to pre-order the Moto X4 starting on October 19, and when the device officially goes on sale on October 26, it'll be available from Best Buy, B&H, Fry's, Jet, Motorola, Newegg, Republic Wireless, and Ting. You might notice that Amazon is missing from that list, but that's because it's getting a special version of the phone.

The Moto X4 is the latest handset to join Amazon's Prime Exclusive line of devices, and it's by far the highest-end smartphone to make its way to the program yet. Prime Exclusive phones come with Amazon apps preinstalled and advertisements on the lock screen, but because of this, they also have discounted prices compared to their regular unlocked counterparts.

The Prime Exclusive Moto X4 will save you $70.

The Moto X4 normally costs $399, but with the Prime Exclusive version, you'll be able to pick it up for just $329. Pre-orders begin on October 18 at 10:00 PM PT for this model, and it will start shipping on October 26.

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In addition to the Moto X4, Motorola also announced that the recently leaked Alexa Moto Mod will be available for purchase from Amazon, Best Buy, Motorola, and Verizon this November. It's officially being called the Moto Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa, and it's one of the most...interesting...Moto Mods we've seen yet.

The speaker features a stand on the back so you can pop it up on a table, desk, or another flat surface, but it also attaches to the back of your Moto Z for charging its battery that should last for about 15 hours with mixed use. However, unlike all other Moto Mods, there's no cutout for your Moto Z's camera. So, if you've got the Alexa speaker attached to your Moto Z, you'll need to pop it off in order to take photos. It's a ridiculous design choice, and it kind of defeats the whole purpose of Moto Mods in the first place.

In any case, the Moto Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa will cost $149 when it's launched next month.

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