This phone is pretty amazing, inside and out.

Since Motorola has adopted to integrate Google apps into its mobile solutions instead of competing with them like some other manufacturers we know, that frees up their design and software teams to focus instead on neat little tricks and perks that can help make your phone, your experience, and possibly your day even better. And even though the Moto X has been around a while now, we're still finding new perks and quirks to it everyday.

Let's make some Moto Magic.

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Make the most of Moto Voice

Your trigger phrase should be as unique as you are.

The Moto X is one of the few phones with truly hands-free, always-on voice commands — and while last year's Touchless Controls only responded to "OK Google Now," this year's Moto Voice can accept anything as a trigger phrase. Yes, anything, even whistles, though keep in mind that whatever you choose is something you need to be able to easily and accurately replicate. Using a trigger phrase in a foreign language — or something completely made-up — can help avoid false triggers.

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Also, if you're not going to be able to handle you phone for a while, you can use the command Talk to me to trigger a half-hour window where your Moto X will announce incoming calls and texts, just as it would if you were driving.

Jedi mind-trick your Moto X

Do not mock the dots. The dots are burdened with glorious purpose!

We may have teased the white Moto X when it was first unveiled for looking like a pimply teenager, but don't underestimate the IR sensors hiding in those black dots. They enable a glorious little feature called Approach for Moto Display.

It allows you to wave your hand to wake your phone — or better yet to find your phone in the dark — and it is amazing. You'll never accidentally set your glass down on your phone again. Silencing incoming calls with a wave is nice, too, though be careful not to trigger it while reaching for your phone.

Keeping up the power

It's not the size that matters, it's how you use it... Riiiiight...

The Moto X may not have the biggest battery, but that doesn't mean it can't get you through the day with a few tools. One of the points of Moto Display is to minimize the time you spend turning on your screen to look at notifications you don't care about. If a notification pops up on the display that you don't care about, swipe it way so you phone doesn't keep pulsing something you've already seen.

You can also screen apps from Moto Display that are low-priority or low-impact, like that reminder that you have a full set of lives in Free Fall. Just go into the Moto app, then select "Display" and "Select apps" to choose which ones show up when your phone is locked, and which don't.

Also, thanks to adaptive brightness in Android Lollipop, you can set a lower auto-brightness, and a lower brightness means its drawing less power. And adding a widget you your homescreen to remind you to turn off radios you're not using can help you stretch that battery much further. Above all, invest in a quick-charger. Your phone and your patience will thank you. A power bank wouldn't go amiss either.

Turn on Smart Lock

Keep your phone open for business.

The original Moto X's Trusted Bluetooth helped pioneer a feature that now all of Android has with Lollipop: Smart Lock. And while you can add trusted places through Google Maps, trusted devices such as smartwatches and Bluetooth headphones are usable everywhere and something you likely already use in conjunction with your smartphone. Unfortunately, activating Smart Lock and trusted devices is kind of hidden in Lollipop, so here's how to turn it on and keep your phone unlocked when you're using your devices with it.

After going into Security inside the Settings app, the first option under Advanced will be Trust agents. Smart Lock will likely be the only one there, and once you turn it on, Smart Lock will show up right underneath Owner info in the Security menu. You can add Bluetooth devices that are already paired, and you'll be given the option each time you pair a new device.

Get more tips from Motorola — and from us

Help is just a question mark away.

If you're new the Moto X — or if you're new to smartphones period — then there's a nice simple way to get even more helpful hints about using your phone: the Motorola Help app, simply called Help in your app drawer.

Hiding behind that pretty blue question mark is not only your user manual, full of how-tos and details about your phone, but behind the setting gear in the top left corner is a list of helpful tips of tips that you can allow Motorola to notify you with as you continue to use your Moto X. This menu also hosts the Privacy Policy, where you can opt-out of sharing anonymous data from your device with Motorola, if you so choose.

Another invaluable asset in finding out the little Easter eggs and cheat sheets of the Moto X is by learning from all of the Moto X users that have come before in our Moto X forums! There are also Moto X communities across social media, including a Google+ community that is frequented by Motorola employees looking to help out users in distress.