It may hard be to take $100 Bluetooth headphones seriously when you know what $100 in wired headphones can get you these days, but there are plenty of folks out there today who need that portability in order to get their audio fix throughout the day.

Fortunately for these users, there are several options in this price range that both look nice and pack some interesting features. The somewhat unflattering name "neckbuds" stands out as the popular name for this category, due to the ability to hang the hardware around your neck all day and have Bluetooth headphones whenever you need them.

We're talking today about the Samsung Gear Circle, the LG Tone Infinim, and the recently released Moto Surround neckbuds, and while you can't go wrong with any of the three we're going to take a look feature for feature and see which one stands out in the crowd.

Moto Surround vs LG Tone Infinim vs Samsung Gear Circle