The Microsoft Surface Duo 2 gets a new update, but don't get too excited

Surface Duo 2 New Settings
Surface Duo 2 New Settings (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft is rolling out the November security update for the Surface Duo 2.
  • The October update featured some stability improvements, but nothing in terms of features.
  • Meanwhile, the original Surface Duo is still awaiting its Android 11 update.

The Microsoft Surface Duo 2 hasn't been out very long and is already receiving its second update. On Friday, Microsoft has released the November security patch (via Windows Central) which should be available for Surface Duo 2 owners now.

However, if you're looking for anything more substantial in the update, like Android 12, for instance, it appears you're out of luck. In the release notes (opens in new tab), Microsoft states that the update "[a]ddresses scenarios outlined in the Android Security Bulletin – November 2021."

It's not too exciting, even when compared to the first update received in October, which came with stability improvements. As noted by Windows Central, users that received the update seemed to note that their devices ran better.

While the November update is pretty underwhelming, that's unfortunately become par-for-the-course for Duo owners, particularly of the first model, which has yet to see Android 11 while many of the best Android phones are already receiving or awaiting Android 12.

With any luck, we'll see something more substantial in December, especially since Samsung's Galaxy Z foldables are expected to receive One UI 4 next month. We'll likely see Android 12L support at some point as the update targets foldables and larger screen devices, but we'll have to wait and see when the beta or stable version rolls out.

To update the Surface Duo 2, navigate to Settings > System > System update > Check for update. Note that it may take some time to reach your device.

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  • I bet my 3 generation old Galaxy Note 10 gets Android 12 before Surface Duo2 and that's just depressing. I so want to get one of these things but this level of support would make me crazy. They should have an Insider program for this thing.
  • This is why I broke down and purchased a Pixel 6 Pro to upgrade my OnePlus 6T (I will never buy another OnePlus again.) The Surface Duo is not being taken as a serious product by Microsoft. When their first gen Surface Duo still has not gotten Android 11, and God knows when 12 on the second gen will be let alone 12L. I would have dropped bank on the Surface Duo the day it came out if
    1. They hadn't closed all their stores so there was no place to lay hands on the device to try out it.
    2. Lack of a upgrade schedule.
    3. All the review seem to indicate some of the glitchy behavior persists that occurred in Gen 1. For $1500? MS is nuts. Heck I would go with the Samsung fold before I go with the Surface Duo, and I HATE Samsung's software. But at least they have a mostly respectable upgrade schedule.
  • To counter the MS store thing, "Microsoft Store offers extended free returns through January 31, 2022 on Surface products". You'll get a lot more insight as to whether it is right for you in two months, than 15 min with a store display. I recall they were doing 60 days on the Duo 1.
  • My Surface Duo is more exciting than most Android phones... Security updates are fine by me... Microsoft have been pretty good at delivering these on a monthly basis... I have the Fold 3 too and it too is an exciting device... Any slab by comparison is boring...
  • Now find Launcher will repeatedly crash when scrolling through photos on OneDrive. OneDrive has always been a problem, shows as being beta, and cannot leave beta - guess being pre-installed also means it cannot be uninstalled which is normal way to leave beta. And until there is an OS update I'm stuck with launcher as is, and only resort is to try wiping and full reset.