Keep your smartphone powered up with the RAVPower wireless charging pad down to $14

Ravpower fast charging Pad
Ravpower fast charging Pad (Image credit: Amazon)

The RAVPower 4-coil fast wireless charging pad is on sale for $13.99 when you use the code BME7EQ3V during checkout. That brings it down from a price around $24, which is what it has been selling at since last year. Today's deal is a match for the lowest price drop we've ever seen.

The pad has four powerful coils so you don't have to find the perfect position when placing the phone down. It will work even when it's catawampus. Compatible with any Qi-certified device including Android smartphones and the iPhone.

The charging pad uses a very simple design to give you the most effective charge possible. It is Qi certified for wireless charging, so as long as your device is Qi certified the two will work together. With Android smartphones you can get up to 10W of wireless charging power, especially with models from the Samsung Galaxy line. The iPhone 8 Plus and above can get something closer to 7.5W. Anything else will be around 5W.

The unique thing about this pad is that it has four coils built into it. Unlike other wireless chargers that might only feature one or two coils, having that much surface area for wireless charging means you don't really have to worry about positioning. There's nothing worse than being so tired at night you forget to place your phone absolutely perfectly and wake up to a drained battery. Or, worse, miss your alarm because the battery died and it was your alarm. With this pad, you can just drop your phone in any position really and it will get that charge.

Of course, if you really want to get up to 10W of charging power you're going to need a good wall adapter. Lucky for you, this also comes with a QuickCharge 3.0 USB adapter. Even if you have a phone that doesn't use QuickCharge 3.0, you can still rest assured that you're getting the fastest possible charge thanks to this adapter.

The pad is perfect for your bedroom nightstand because it has a sleep-friendly LED indicator and an anti-skid design so it won't slip around while you're fumbling for your phone in the dark.

John Levite
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