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Our lives are becoming more connected every day. We have connected thermostats, and lights, along with Smartwatches and mobile computers that live in our pockets. Still, trying to keep track of your family and technology can mean going through multiple apps, along with messenger apps. Motorola aims to solve that problem with their app Moto Loop. This brilliant apps gives you a central hub from which to control your Hue lights, and Nest thermostat, while also giving you an easy way to check up on your family without sending out a barrage of text messages.

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Moto Loop works as a fantastic hub to help keep you connected to the people — and technology, that matters to you. It comes pre-loaded on Motorola devices starting with the Droid Turbo 2 and Droid Maxx 2 and this app acts like a hub where you can access your connected devices, as well as checking in on your family. It's got a gorgeous UI taking advantage of Google's Material Design, which flows well with the rest of Motorola's interface. After you set up your contact card, you'll see the dashboard. At the top left of the screen you'll see three vertical lines, which is the side menu that allows to add and edit the people and devices you get info for. Just above the middle of the screen is a horizontal bar with the option to message, see a map, or check in with your location. The dashboard is where the main information is going to be displayed. A card is there for each connected person and device, along with additional cards giving you a heads up on the weather.

Moto Loop

You can edit your family from the side menu, and this includes inviting people to your family, even if they don't have a Motorola phone. There is a catch here though. You can only add family members from a Motorola phone, and each loop family member can only be associated with one Loop account. That being said, it's as easy as adjusting the permissions, and then sending an invitation to the phone number of the person you are trying to add. The Loop also allows you to add your Hue lights, and Nest thermostat from the side menu under Devices. At the bottom of the side menu you'll find the Settings, and Help menu.

One of the big features with Moto Loop is the ability to easily check on your family, even during a busy work day. Since each person in your family gets a card, you can see when they are at home, on the road, or at work. You can add multiple different activities, along with multiple locations. Your phone will automatically detect when you are driving, but for all other locations you'll want to check in. Tapping on a contact card with bring up their recent movement, along with icons in the top right to let you easily text or call them. You can also view all of your family members on a map, which is a really cool feature. You can view each family member on the map and grab directions to their location — which could be amazing if somebody breaks down on the way home from work.

The settings allow you to program the temperature or lights to change when certain things happen.

To control your connected Nest thermostat or Hue lights, you just need to tap on the appropriate card and a menu will open that allows you to adjust things to your liking. There are different settings for each device, but both are set up the same way with two screens. The first allows you to immediately change the temperature or lighting, if you swipe over you'll find your settings. The settings allow you to program the temperature or lights to change when certain things happen — like someone getting home or leaving for work.

Overall Moto Loop is a fantastic app for anybody who is interested in having a single hub to keep you in touch. It works very well, and has a fantastic look using Material Design. While it would be nice if it was fully available on non-Motorola devices, it's a fantastic addition for anybody with a compatible phone. As a hub it works very well to connect the people in your life, along with your devices. In particular the settings allowing you to tell your lights when to turn on depending on your location is well done. This is a fantastic offering from Motorola aimed at making your life easier, and it succeeds in this endeavor.