Android 8.0 Oreo has been out in the wild for a little over a month now, and since its public release, we've seen the update steadily making its way to more and more devices across the board. Motorola recently started pushing out a new software updated to the Moto X Pure Edition, but rather than update the phone to Android 8.0 Oreo, the company has decided to release 7.0 Nougat instead.

Software updates are usually something to get excited about, but this is a perfect example of why Motorola need to seriously improve on its software game.

First thing's first, the Nougat update that's being released in 7.0, not the newer 7.1. Motorola announced that Nougat was finally in the works for the Moto X Pure Edition by releasing the kernel source at the beginning of August, but this is the first time we've ever actually seen reports of it being released to users in the U.S. Furthermore, according to some users on Twitter, this is the first software update the Moto X has seen in over a year. In other words, the phone hasn't received a single security update since September 2016. Taking a long time to push out new features is one thing, but leaving your devices vulnerable with security patches that are over a year old is in a league of its own.

No security updates for over a year is unacceptable on Motorola's part

Motorola's track record for software updates as of late has been anything but great, and while it is nice to see an update finally make its way to the Moto X Pure Edition, this is too little too late in our eyes.

Lenovo-owned Motorola has been consistent in releasing countless new devices throughout 2017, but it seems obvious that this is having a pretty direct impact on speed and availability of new software for existing devices. Owners of the Moto X Pure Edition are likely pretty excited about the arrival of 7.0 Nougat on their phone, and while they should be, you won't hear me praising Motorola for releasing a 13-month-old update that should have been here ages ago.

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