Ice Cream Sandwich coming to T-Mobile Galaxy Tab 7 plus, but only via Kies

T-Mobile support has let everyone know that an optional Android 4.0.5 update for the Galaxy Tab 7-plus should be ready and waiting in Samsung Kies tomorrow. Before we go any further, we know it says 4.0.5 -- that could be a typo or it could be a specially-built version from Samsung for the Tab 7-plus. I've reached out, and will let everyone know when I hear back.

What we do know is that it's Ice Cream Sandwich, which T-Mobile and Samsung feel is a drastic enough change in the user experience to make it an optional install versus pushing it out to everyone. We hate Kies as much as you all do, but we like choice so we won't ding them too much this time.

Anyhoo, you'll be updating to Android version 4.0.5 / Software version T869UVLG7, which will be required to access Music Hub after August 27, 2012. You'll need to have the latest version of Kies, and at least a 50-percent charge, See the full details at the source link.

Source: T-Mobile (opens in new tab)

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • I wish Samsung would Jellybean up their Tabs.
    It might ruin their Touchwiz look, but it would make the things useful and desirable to buy, and they'd sell a heap more. You can't get a Nexus with a back camera or 3G, so a Tab 2 would be a great buy if it was Jellybeanified.
  • Is it assumed that this update only works with T-mobile version of Galaxy Tab 7 Plus and not any other versions like wifi only version? Anybody know?
  • Have they forgotten about three 10.1? I know I'm still waiting for my update.
  • pls send me android 4.0.4 for galaxy tab 7.0 plus
  • Good luck to you G-Tab 7 folks. It took me 26 tries to update my G-Tab 10.1 via Kies yesterday. That included a chat with Samsung who told me no update was available and that the new firmware notification that I got every time I connected my tablet was an update for the Kies software so don't count on much help from Sammy.