Huge price shave: Razer Hammerhead wireless earbuds are $50 right now

Razer Hammerhead
Razer Hammerhead (Image credit: Razer)

It ain't easy saving big money on Razer gear. Even with constant sales, the brand is known for never truly letting go of its premium pricing. Except for this Black Friday, that is. Have you seen the savings going on with Razer's gaming headsets right now?

And the fun doesn't stop at full-on headsets. If you want wireless earbuds that'll play nice with just about any Android phone, check out the Hammerhead true wireless earbuds. These things have a lot going for them, starting with the fact they're a whopping 50% off their usual sticker price, now down to $50 for Razer's Black Friday festivities. Do note that these are the 2019 model, so they're not the absolute latest Hammerhead experience, but for $50, you can't go wrong with a pair of buds that have aged quite gracefully.

If your Android device is on Android 8.0 or newer, you'll even have access to a fancy companion app from Razer. And that's on top of the buds' core functionalities such as an omnidirectional mic, lightweight 45g construction, and 91 ± 3 dB (1kHz) sensitivity.

Maybe after you look at Razer's offering you'll find yourself unimpressed for whatever reason. And that's okay. In that case, try out a different Black Friday earbud deal; there's more of them than you can imagine. For instance: Bose's ANC wireless earbuds are 29% off right now. And if you want the best audio gear savings opportunities in general beyond just earbuds, check out the best Black Friday headphone deals of 2021.

Robert Carnevale