Note 5's one-handed operation mode

The Galaxy Note 5 is slimmer and easier to use with one hand than any previous Note, but 5.7-inches of screen is still a lot to manage. Samsung has two tricks up its sleeve to help you reach everything on your Note 5's screen, and they're even easier to use than previous iterations of the software tweak. They fall under the "One-handed operation" heading, and we're going to show you how to use them.

In the settings of your Note 5, under "Display," you'll find "One-handed operation." There are two distinct settings here, and one is quite a bit more useful than the other.

Reduce screen size

Note 5's one-handed operation mode

The first is "Reduce screen size," which lets you shrink down the phone's screen into a smaller window at any time. Once it's enabled, just press the home button three times and the screen will shrink down proportionately to about half its original size. It also gets pulled over to either the left or right side, which you can choose by tapping a small arrow next to the window. You can now interact with the small portion of the display just as if it were filling the screen — everything's just easier to reach now. There's an on-screen button for returning the screen to it's original size, but you can also back out by simply pressing the home button three times once again.

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One-handed input

Note 5's one-handed operation mode

The other option in the settings is "One-handed input," which is slightly less useful. Unlike "Reduce screen size," this switch actually puts the feature in full effect all the time. When you turn it on, the phone dialer pad, stock keyboard, calculator and lock screen pattern will all shift over to the side of the screen and shrink down, much like the full screen does in the previous mode, but this setting is all-or-nothing. You don't toggle the shrinking, it's just on all the time — and that can be quite annoying considering when you do have two hands available to use the phone you won't want to hunt back into the settings and toggle this back.

Whether you choose to use one or both is up to you, but if you give 'em a try there's a good chance you'll find one to be useful for those times when you just have to get something done on your Note 5 and really only have one hand free to manipulate the phone.