The replacement SSD

Android Central

While the Acer C720 makes use of a standardized SSD slot, it uses a format called M.2 (or NGFF) that is a bit less common than the regular mSATA standard found in other laptops. The upsides of this SSD type are size and speed, and as you can see from the picture above these drives are absolutely tiny.

On recommendation of others who have done similar upgrades — as well as a set of Amazon searches — we landed on a MyDigitalSSD drive. It comes in three different sizes — 32GB for $39, 64GB for $59 and 128GB for $99 — and has all of the right specs for the job.

We're sure there are other drives out there that would work for this process, but we can only speak for the one we chose and used for this install. We chose to go all-out with the 128GB option, but the process should be the exact same for the smaller versions — you'll simply get less formatted storage in the end.