Moto X Pure Edition

Motorola's latest phone is smart, fast, and huge. There are plenty of folks out there who have followed the Moto X from year to year, and with this new Pure Edition available on Moto Maker and shipping already it's a no-brainer for them, which is cool.

If you've got a Moto X Pure Edition on the way to you now, or you're still on the fence about this being your next phone, here's a quick look at what it takes to set one up for yourself.

How to set up the Moto X Pure Edition

After you set up WiFi, Motorola gives you some control over your data

Moto X Pure Edition setup

Just about every Android phone out there starts out the same way. You power it up for the first time, see the splash screen with a manufacturer logo and maybe a carrier logo nearby, and then you're asked to connect to Wifi. If you're near a wireless network, you can connect and use that mostly free Wifi for setup instead of using what is most likely a limited data plan from your wireless carrier to update the software and install whatever starter apps you may want. The Moto X Wifi setup is the same, complete with a software check as soon as you leave this screen.

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What comes next is not nearly as common, and in fact is extremely cool of Motorola. Your next screen in the setup process is an unassuming screen about privacy settings that most folks probably gloss over and tap Accept at the bottom to get to the next screen. Instead, give the blue text that reads Privacy settings a tap, and you'll be taken to a screen where you can choose to disable sending device statistics to Motorola. This screen also has a button that turns off the Motorola tutorial mode, which means those of you who already know how a Moto X works can turn off the tutorials that pop up for everything when you first get a phone. Once you do finally hit that Accept button, you're taken to the next step.

Setting up your Google Account

Moto X Pure Edition Google

If you are coming to this Moto X from another Android phone, you're probably going to want to move over your apps and accounts from that phone to your new one. If that phone has NFC onboard, you're able to tap the back of your old phone to your new one and move over your Google account with ease. If not, you'll need to use a username and password like everyone else.

Once you've logged in to your Google account, you'll be asked if you want to move over everything Google has stored about your old phone or if you want to start over completely. Google's backup service will download apps you've installed on your previous phone or tablet, as well as simple settings like Wifi connections you've used in the past. If those things are important to you, just pick your phone or tablet from the list of backups Google has stored and the install process will begin.

It's time to set up your lockscreen

Moto X Pure Edition Lockscreen

If you want some security between your data and the rest of the world, you'll want to secure your lockscreen. The Moto X starts you off with three basic ways to secure your lockscreen, and you can choose either and set them up now. As the names suggest, you can lock your phone with a pin number, a password of your choosing, or a pattern you've traced across a series of dots. Each is simple to setup, and once you have enabled the feature no one will be able to access your phone unless they have your pin, pattern, or password.

Once you've secured your lockscreen, you can choose what information appears on it. By default, Android shows you notifications on your lockscreen, so you can glance at your phone when a message comes in and determine if you want to deal with it. If this is too much personal information to show the world, you can limit the amount of information that is shown on your lockscreen and only reveal what you deem acceptable.

Choosing to use Google backup and Google Now

Moto X Pure Edition Google Wrapup

You've already decided to use Google's apps, but their services need some additional permission from you. The next screen in the Moto X Pure Edition setup is for Google's backup services, which includes the ability to store Wifi credentials and access Google's location tools for things like navigation. All you need to do here is uncheck the boxes if you don't want to use those services.

Next up is Google Now, which can be a useful suggestion and voice command service if you choose to use it. Google Now needs your permission to access your information and use it to offer suggestions, which happens on this screen. If you aren't sure you want to use Google Now, you can skip this step and use the activate the service at a later date.

At this point, your Moto X will tell you it is ready to be used, but there's still a few more things you should check out.

Update all of your apps and enable or disable NFC

Moto X Pure Edition Setup

You have now completed the setup steps for all the basics, but you aren't done yet. There's going to be a notification waiting for you in your top drawer when you see the honescreen for the first time, asking you if you'd like to use NFC. This system is useful for things like mobile payments and phone to phone communication, but isn't a requirement by any means. It's entirely up to you.

After you've taken care of NFC, you're going to want to open the Google Play Store, tap the menu icon in the top left and tap My Apps. You'll see a list of apps here that need to be updated before you do much of anything else. Hit Update All and that will start for you. Some apps may require you agree to new permissions depending on what has been added or updated, but once it is all done you'll be ready to use all of those apps in the most current versions.

Setting up Moto Voice

Moto Voice setup

It wouldn't be a Moto X without all of the incredibly cool features you'll find in the Moto App in your launcher. You can customize Moto display, learn how to use all of the Moto gestures, and set up Moto Actions to automatically set phone behaviors based on what you are doing and when. Perhaps most important of all, you need to head here first in order to set up Moto Voice.

The Moto Voice setup screen asks that you find a quiet room and and get ready to speak. You can set up a custom phrase for your phone to hear and wake up to, and in order to get that to work correctly you need to speak it three times in a quiet room so your phone case save and access it later. Once you've completed Moto Voice setup you'll see a list of commands you can issue your phone, and can start practicing them as you read the list.

Once you have Moto Voice set up the way you like, the Moto X Pure Edition is officially ready to be enjoyed. Have fun!