Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Change up the look of your phone — it only takes a few seconds

Changing the wallpaper is likely one of the first things you'll do to personalize a new phone. And in the case of the Galaxy Note 4 you'll want to choose a good one to show off that brilliant display. Changing the wallpaper on the Note 4 is a quick affair, and we're going to show you how to do it — read along.

From the home screen

Wallpaper settings

You can always see the wallpaper behind your icons and widgets on your homescreen, but the ability to change the wallpaper from your launcher itself is somewhat hidden. To access your home screen settings, including the wallpaper, either long press on a blank portion of the screen or long press on your Recents key (left of the home button). When the settings pop up, tap the Wallpapers button on the left to access the wallpaper settings.

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From here, you can choose any of the pre-installed wallpapers from the scrolling list on the bottom of the screen and see how they'd look filling the screen. (Tip: tap the screen once more to hide the interface and see the entire wallpaper.) If you're not a fan of Samsung's wallpapers (we wouldn't blame you), select the "Gallery" option on the far left to choose another photo stored on your phone. Here you'll also be able to choose from any cloud storage accounts that are connected to your Gallery app.

Once you've picked the right image to fit your tastes, tap the bar at the top and choose whether you want that image to be your home screen wallpaper, lock screen wallpaper or both. If you choose to set just one, you can then select another image and set it for the other for a bit of contrast. Tap Set as wallpaper and you're done!

From the phone settings

Note 4 settings

A far less hidden place for changing the wallpaper is from the main phone settings. Head into Settings, then scroll down to Wallpaper under the "Sound and Display" subheading. Tapping that entry will jump you straight into the same wallpaper set screen that you found from the home screen using the method above.

This is just the beginning!

Changing the wallpaper on your Note 4 is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to customization of your phone. Be sure to check out all of our Note 4 help and how-to posts to make sure you're getting the most out of your phone.