Moto G (2014) shells

Changing up the color of your new Moto G is cheap and done in a snap

Due to cost constraints the Moto G doesn't get the full Moto Maker treatment like the Moto X, but the new version still has the ability to swap out the outer casing for a new one. Motorola is again offering its "Shell" system on the new Moto G, letting you replace the entire back cover with a new one.

Although it's gotten rid of the Grip Shell, there are still standard Shells and Flip Shells available to spice up your phone with a new color, new functionality or both. They're pretty cheap to pick up and can give your Moto G a fresh face — read along and let us walk you through the finer points of Motorola Shells on the new Moto G.

The Moto G doesn't have a specific notch or spot in the shell to pull it off like you'll find on other phones — the official way to remove it is actually to pry on the USB port. It feels wrong, but don't worry you're not going to break anything. Get a fingernail in there and tug hard (putting your thumb on the back can help), and the shell will come off with a few snaps. You'll notice there isn't much to this thing — it's just a piece of protective plastic. Grab the new Motorola Shell or Flip Shell you bought, and snap it in place. Hold onto the original in case you wanna switch back at some point.

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The replacement colored Motorola Shells are physically and functionally identical to the one that ships on the back of your Moto G. All you're getting for that $15 purchase is a fresh case in a new color (or, in the same color if you just need a replacement).

For $29 the Flip Shells are actually quite nice, and have some of the higher-end features like proper speaker cutouts and magnets for sleep/wake functionality that you won't normally get from a cheaper case option. The first-party Motorola versions have the added bonus of actually becoming part of the phone, reducing the heft usually associated with clipping a big case on.

Whether you've dinged up your current Moto G and need a replacement case, simply want a flash of new color or need extra protection of a screen-covering flip case, you can't go wrong with Motorola's set of Moto G Shells.

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