Moto Voice on Moto X

What's easier than telling your new Moto X to tell you all the things you can command it to do with your voice? Why, getting one of us to tell you first.

Moto Voice is the new-and-improved voice integration that does a lot of what you get with Google Now, but with a few Moto X-specific features as well. When you first set up Moto Voice it'll recommend you take a spin through this list. But if you're still trying to figure out if the Moto X is right for you (and we highly recommend taking a read through our full Moto X review first), here's a preview:

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Voice commands on the new Moto X

  • Goodnight: Turns on the Sleeping do-not-disturb mode in Moto Assist.
  • Post to Facebook: Shares that oh-so-urgent status update that's just burning a hole inside you.
  • Send WhatsApp message: Same, only over WhatsApp.
  • What's Up? Tells you the time, and any unread notifications.
  • What's this song? Listens to the beat. Tells you what's rocking.
  • How far away is the moon? Just a basic Google search. (Answer: 238,900 miles.)
  • Navigate home: If you have a home location noted in Google and need to know how to get there, this will help guide you there. (Or you can obviously navigate other places.)
  • Take a selfie: We're not saying you should, but this will fire up the front-facing camera and count down from three. Be sure to remember to use duckface.
  • When's my next meeting? Uses Google Now to see what you're about to be up to, or what it was your were supposed to be doing.
  • Find my phone: A great old feature. Finds your phone.
  • Remind me to pick up milk tonight: Sets a reminder to pick up milk. Or bread. Or cheese. Need anything else?
  • Play Beethoven on YouTube: Because if there's one thing Beethoven had in mind all those years ago, it was being broadcast on the same medium as cat videos.
  • Talk to me: Will announce incoming calls and texts and for a half-hour.
  • Set alarm for 6 a.m. tomorrow: Boy, you sure do wake up early.
  • Take a photo: Fires up the rear camera.
  • Send text to Lisa Lewis: She'll be glad to hear from you. Or text anyone else in your contacts.
  • Check voicemail: It's your mom. Give her a call back.
  • Open Calendar: Because being late is for losers.
  • Good morning: Wake up, talk to your phone, learn your next appointment.
  • Get list of commands: This does what we just did here. Only not as funny.
  • What's the weather? So you know what it's like outside without having to go outside.
  • Call Lisa Lewis on mobile: That Lisa Lewis sure is popular. Or you could call anyone else.

The important part as you're looking at this list on your phone in the Moto Voice app are all the words in bold. Those are the actions. You knew that, of course.

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