Grab the Linksys EA9300 wireless router refurbished and on sale for $80

Linksys Router EA9300
Linksys Router EA9300 (Image credit: Amazon)

The official Linksys eBay store has featured the Linksys EA9300 AC4000 Wi-Fi router on sale for $79.99 refurbished. Linksys sells this router for $300 new, and other retailers like Walmart have it for aorund $200. With today's deal you're paying less than half that price, and because it's refurbished by the manufacturer you get direct customer service with them, too.

Tri-band router with a 1.8 GHz quad-core processor and three offload processors. Includes MU-MIMO tech for homes with a dozen different devices trying to get online. Advanced Beamforming extends performance. Six antennas cover even a large home.

The EA9300 is a powerful wireless router that can easily replace the one you're using now and help you boost the performance of your wireless signal. If you've been having trouble with Wi-Fi stability or there are parts of your home where the signal just doesn't reach, maybe it's time to upgrade to something more powerful. The EA9300 is an intelligent tri-band router. It has a 1.8 GHz quad-core processor and three offload processors. The three Wi-Fi bands provide up to 4 Gbps of bandwidth.

Live in a home with laptops, computers, tablets, smartphones, TVs, blenders, and toaster ovens all trying to connect to the internet at once? You need a router with MU-MIMO technology like this one has. It improves network efficiency and gives all your devices the same speed at the same time. Plus it will choose the best radio band for your devices for you to help reduce interference.

The router also has advanced Beamforming tech with nine high-power amplifiers that helps maximize your wireless performance and provides coverage across both 2.4GHz bands and the 5GHz band. The six high-gain antennas provide a large range that stretches into every corner and every dead zone, and the five Gigabit Ethernet ports let you plug in for a super stable wired connection.

The smart router can also work with your smart home and connect to Amazon Alexa. Use voice commands to gain temporary access for visitors and things like that.

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