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Google isn't livestreaming every session at their massive developer conference this year, but we do get recordings of each one uploaded at the end of the day. Among other things, that means there's a whole lot of Google I/O for those us who aren't on the ground in Mountain View to enjoy now. We've gone ahead and cherry picked some of the best of day two for you to look at, with the full lineup split between the Android Developers and Google Developers pages over on YouTube for the rest.

Ready? Here we go!

VR at Google

The recently announced Daydream may not be on the scale of Hololens or HTC Vive like many had initially suspected, but Google's plans for virtual reality in the mobile space is more than a little impressive. The presentations given by Google's VR team all day yesterday painted a rich picture of the future, filled with games and movies and a special little controller that will enable many different phones to have the same great VR experience. All we have to do now is wait patiently for the first Daydream phone to ship. Just kidding, there's a developer program for stepping into the beginnings of Daydream right now on your Nexus 6P.

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The main event is a great video to watch, but there's a couple others worth following up on if you're eager for more Daydream knowledge.

Bring your Android App to Chromebooks

At long last, the rumors surrounding a blending of Android and Chrome are taking form. Google's plans to make the Play Store and it's 1.5 Billion apps available to Chrome OS users is fantastic, and the wait for this feature to roll out to supported Chromebooks is going to be long and agonizing for consumers. For developers, it's time to get to work. This video is a good starting point for making sure your apps are Chrome OS ready for when the big update finally starts shipping to users.

What's new in Android security

This has been an interesting year for security and Android. We saw the rise of monthly security updates, and have a new appreciation for manufacturers who treat those updates as a priority. There's a lot more going on in this space though, and that's what this presentation is all about. Anything you want to know about the new security features in both Android M and Android N can be found right here.

What's new in Android Wear 2.0

Google's making some big changes to the way you interact with smartwatches in the next update. We've spent some hands-on time with the developer preview already, and there's plenty to get excited about with updates coming to how apps will interact in Android Wear 2.0, but if you want a good breakdown of how these changes work in this update.

If you'd like some additional videos for Android Wear goodies, check these out!

Material improvements

A big part of Android N seems to be further refinement of Google's Material Design language, which is now all over the Google ecosystem. This session gives you a look at the changes coming to how users interact with Material elements, and what changes to look out for when building apps that follow the Material guidelines.

What's new with Project Tango

Since we can't all afford the nearly $600 Project Tango developer tablet just to take selfies with virtual dinosaurs, here's a video of someone else doing it for you. What's new with Project Tango takes you on a journey through the evolution of the project, and into the applications the team has already found for the developer kits. There's a lot to like here, even if it's happening on a gadget that is not meant for consumers.