Upgrade your Beat Saber skills with this great Oculus Quest 2 controller add-on

Zyber handles for the Meta Quest 2's Touch controllers
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Playing games like Beat Saber or Walkabout Golf are amazing experiences in VR, but it still feels like you're holding a controller instead of a club or a lightsaber. Change that up and get the real feel of a handle with these Zyber Quest 2 controller handles, now on sale for $10 off on Amazon right now.

Zyber controller handles for Quest 2: $55.89 $45.89 at Amazon

Zyber controller handles for Quest 2: $55.89 $45.89 at Amazon
Add a handy handle to your Quest 2 controllers to get the ultimate lightsaber experience in Beat Saber, or add the extended handles to get the feeling of a real golf club in VR.

I've been using these controller handles for my Oculus Quest 2 for a few months now and can't believe the difference they make while playing games like Beat Saber and Supernatural. They seriously make your controllers feel like the actual sabers in either game and make it easier to get "in character," if you will.

Heck, you can even attach both handles together and play Beat Saber, Darth Maul style. Kudos to anyone who sideloads the mod and actually plays like this!

They also add a bit of weight to the controllers, making them a pretty ideal accessory add-on for Supernatural players. These feel more like the baseball bats you use in the game and, because of the weight, make swings feel more authentic.

But, if you'd rather play something a bit more chill, the best Quest 2 games like Topgolf with Pro Putt or Walkabout Mini Golf really benefit from the extension handle included in the box.

You can make your controller have a long handle like a proper golf club, and the added weight (again) makes it feel like you're actually swinging a club. Plus, since the controller is further away from the headset, the curve of your arms feels more authentically like golfing.

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