The Galaxy S10 has a pretty impressive combo of cameras to work with, and when the lights go down and you still want to snap photos, there's a feature called "Bright Night" that makes it easier to capture low-light images. As effective as it is, Bright Night is slightly annoying in the sense that it can't be enabled manually and is only used when the S10 thinks it should be turned on.

Thankfully, that's changing with a software update that's rolling out to the Galaxy S10 now.

After downloading the update, you'll find a new Night mode in the camera app. This is the exact same Bright Night feature, but it can now be used whenever you want. It's unclear why something like this wasn't available from day one, but we're happy to see it make an appearance nonetheless.

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In addition to Night mode, this update also includes improved HDR/photo resolution, touch optimizations for Pocket Mode, and the April 2019 security patch.

It's rolling out now as an over-the-air update, and if you want to do a manual check to see if it's ready for your phone, you can hop into the settings and go to Software update -> Download and install.

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