Still a couple months out from seeing the Galaxy Note 8 for real, renders have surfaced purporting to show the next big phone from Samsung. These "leaked" renders, offered up by 91Mobiles and @onleaks, are actually constructed using factory CAD information — meaning they're made after the fact to look like a complete phone, rather than the typical leaks we see of actual completed device renders from a company.

Based on their information, they're expecting the Note 8 to look like a combination of the Note 7's thicker body with even smaller bezels and the Galaxy S8+'s tall screen. The dual curved glass design, covering an expected 6.3-inch display, is complemented by more tightly curved corners and a metal frame. 91Mobiles claims the phone is 162.4 x 74.5 x 8.4 mm — roughly 5 mm taller and 1 mm wider than the Galaxy S8+.

If true, the fingerprint sensor would somehow be even worse than the Galaxy S8+

The biggest thing of note here is the dual camera and fingerprint sensor setup. Rumors have indicated the Note 8 will have a dual camera setup for some time now, but we haven't seen how it will be done. The large camera pod shown here with dual lenses doesn't look far off from the LG G6's, although with the big caveat that it stands up considerably off the back of the phone. That apparently leaves the fingerprint sensor up on that same pod, which somehow seems even worse than the Galaxy S8+'s fingerprint sensor.

While much of the information unveiled here seems to line up with previous leaks and makes sense overall, I wouldn't put too much weight behind the exact details of the renders themselves. Creating realistic renders off of size and spec information — or even CAD measurements — isn't a sure-fire way to show off exactly how a phone will look. There are several curious details in the renders that leave plenty of room for the Note 8 to actually end up looking considerably different when it's unveiled by Samsung.