Ever since Samsung released the first Galaxy Note in 2011, big phones have been rising in popularity year after year – so much so that they're now the industry norm. The LG V30 and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 are two of the hottest phablets for 2017, and naturally, a lot of debate between the two has been ignited.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (left), LG V30 (right)

On one hand, Samsung's Galaxy Note line is a staple of the company's for kicking out large phones with a ton of features that offer the kitchen sink and then some. On the other hand, LG's V series has quickly been establishing itself as the go-to phone line for people that are serious about content creation, big screens, and powerful DACs.

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Both the Note 8 and V30 are incredibly powerful and impressive phones, and based on the constant back and forth from our forum users, there are legitimate reasons for considering either handset as your next daily driver.

In regards to the Note 8:


The V30 has slower performance over the Note 8 already tested. Also, it doesn't have near the features Samsung does. Like Bixby, Spen, Samsung Pay, Live Photo, not as good of a screen, and so on. It doesn't even come with headphones in the US wireless provider versions. LOL.


Note 8 of course. The V30 can't touch the features it has.


Why would you even consider returning a Note 8 for the V30? The Note 8 has more RAM, bigger pixels in the camera, better front facing camera, Samsung Pay, S Pen, better UI, better screen...that's like asking if you should trade in your Lamborghini for a Ford Pinto.


Praise for Samsung's latest and greatest is apparent, but LG's V30 also brings a lot to the table.

Will In SF

I have been pleased with LG phones. I had the G3, V10 and now on the V20. I am switching carriers and have to get a new phone. I was thinking about trying the Note 8, but I can not get over the size (I thought the V20 was big). I like the wide angle camera of the V series and also a fan of the quad DAC as well, so as soon as I can get one in store at T-Mobile I am going for the V30.

Kendahl Titcomb

This is the very reason for this question. I struggled with the size and shape of this phone. I finally today just took the plunge and got my V30. It will be here in a few days and I'm excited to have it. I know people couldn't understand the need for the question, but I really struggled with the size of this phone over it's functionality. I love the Note 8 performance and love many of the...


I think we can all agree that both the Note 8 and V30 have their own respective place in the market, but if you had to choose between one of two, which would it be – Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or LG V30?

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