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Samsung has shown a history of creativity in its Galaxy Note marketing -- recall the video of a real live Elephant playing with the original Note that cropped up earlier in the year. The company's latest ad for the Galaxy Note 2 takes is a little different, but no less impressive. Samsung has teamed up with creative consultancy Steak Studio to creative a piece of "interactive water art" based around the 5.5-inch, stylus-toting smartphone.

A specially designed app for the Note 2 wirelessly connects to an electronic assembly under a pool of water, which consists of a grid of 408 connected fish tank pumps. With everything wired up, this brought to life a screen of "liquid pixels," which allowed users to draw patterns, shapes or messages using the Note 2's S Pen and have them appear in the pool.

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Samsung says the entire project took 10 days to create from start to finish, using over 3,000 manually-fitted connections.

Check out the video after the break. Samsung recently announced the sale of its five millionth Galaxy Note 2, putting it well on its way toward its sales target of 20 million units.


24th November 2012, London, UK – Today Samsung launched the innovative liquid pixel display project, which sees Steak Studio – a new creative technology consultancy - controlling 408 fish pumps wirelessly from a Samsung Galaxy Note II. Using a clever combination of water-jets, electronics and programming Steak Studio has created a piece of interactive water art, controlled solely using the Galaxy Note II and its S Pen technology. The project took 10 days to create and used over 3,000 connections, which were all fitted individually.

This amazing concept has been filmed and made into a short film, which will be used across Samsung’s digital channels from today. You can view the video here –

Daniel Kupfer, Steak Studio’s Director, has spent the last eight years working on creative projects such as this and speaks of his passion for technology: “The Galaxy Note II is a fantastic device that gave us all the computing power required and the ease to bridge things together with zero hassle”.

Andrew Garrihy, Corporate Marketing Director, Samsung Electronics UK said: “We are extremely excited about the launch of this short film, the Galaxy Note II is all about creativity and what better way to showcase this than by working with the talented Steak Studio on such an innovative, world first.”

The video was created by Jam and directed by James Morton-Hamworth from Grama Film.