European Xoom wifi receiving an update to Android 3.2

Albeit a little behind the times, the European versions of the Motorola Xoom Wifi are now beginning to receive a software update that includes an update to version 3.2 of Honeycomb. 

Users in Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK should be seeing the update notifications start to appear on their devices. 

Besides just updating to 3.2, Motorola have thrown in their own MOTOPRINT wifi printing application, the full version of Quickoffice and a couple of enterprise tools. 

Full release notes after the break.

Source: Motorola Europe

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Software update for the MOTOROLA XOOM™ with Wi-Fi 


This is a software update for MOTOROLA XOOM™  with Wi-Fi users who are currently 

using software versions 6.4.20 and This new software package will update 

MOTOROLA XOOM™ tablets to software version 6.6.23 and provides many new features and 

performance improvements. 

In addition to the Motorola software that will be updated, the release will also update the 

Google™ Android™ OS from version 3.1 to version 3.2 of Honeycomb. 

For optimal performance, we encourage you to download and install this latest software update. 

For more information on your MOTOROLA XOOM™ with Wi-Fi, visit us at

Who can use this release? 

MOTOROLA XOOM users in Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, 

Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK. 

After downloading this release you will have access to the following new features: 

• Improved Compatibility Mode - Ability to switch to double pixel mode for selected

applications. When selected, application sub-windows and drop down menus are 

also doubled. In addition, pixel doubling settings are saved for each application. 

• Rotation Acceleration - Screen rotates faster when tablet is rotated. 

• Docking support – automatically detect when device is docked and launch an 

application or docking profile. 

• QuickOffice™ - full version - Provides support for editing of Microsoft® Office 

files and viewing of pdf files. 

• MOTOPRINT - A printing application for your MOTOROLA XOOM. This 

application allows you to print content from your tablet to your printer over WiFi. 

You can print most types of content, including pictures, directly from your tablet. 

• Enhanced VPN support.  

• Language support for Croatian, Hungarian and Romanian. 

• Additional External keyboard layouts for Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Italian, 

Greek, Turkish & Polish. 

• Citrix™ client 

• 3LM™ enablers for remote management of the MOTOROLA XOOM devices in a 

corporate environment. 

Richard Devine