Samsung Gear VR gains some new games in the Oculus Store

If you own the Samsung Gear VR, and are looking for some new games to play, you'll be happy to hear that some new titles are arriving in the Oculus Store now for it. There are a few titles that are only available in Japan or Korea, as well as a few that are open to everyone. From defending the kingdom from beastly hordes in Archer E Bowman to keeping the city infastructure repaired in Cityscape Repairman, there are games for everyone here. The new games, along with a brief description, include:

  • Archer E Bowman (Free): Play as Archer E. Bowman, hero of the castle ramparts. Take to the wall with your trusty bow and defend the kingdom from beastly hordes. Will you survive the onslaught?
  • Cityscape Repairman ($2.99): In Cityscape, you are faced with a massive infrastructure in need of constant repair. Now with 13 levels, you can navigate industrial scenes, repair and replace broken items, solve puzzles and fight off enemy robots.
  • Everland T-Express (Korea only) (Free): T-Express is the most famous roller coaster in the Everland. Experience the steepest ride in the world with a top speed of 104km per hour at a 77-degree angle. The world's most superb wooden roller coaster will leave you breathless.
  • Everland Safari World (Korea only) (Free): Meet wild animals in VR! Featuring lions, tigers, and adorable bears, you have the rare opportunity to experience a wide variety of animals at a close distance.
  • Everland Amazon Express (Korea only) (Free): If you've ever wanted to experience the Amazon and its wildlife up close and personal, here's your chance.
  • niconico VR (Japan only) (Free): Niconico is a social video networking service that allows you to post comments on live or uploaded videos and share them with others in real time as they watch.
  • THE BOX (Free): THE BOX is a new and incredibly unique way to deliver and receive virtual gifts. This first Box takes you to an enchanted forest where the night sky comes to life and the magical woodland creatures gather with you around a winter fire.
  • THETA S VR (Free): Use the THETA S VR as a remote control to shoot photos via Wi-Fi on your RICOH THETA S, 360° spherical camera. You can both take 360° spherical images and view them on your Samsung Gear VR.
  • Unity-chan! Candy Rock Star Live Stage! (Free): Sing the latest song "UNITE IN THE SKY" with Kohaku Otori as unity-chan! Dance on stage at the farewell festival with the fantastic costume called "Candy Rock Star." Powered by the Unity engine, this experience puts you in the action.

If you've got a Samsung Gear VR, be sure to check out the Oculus Store to grab these new titles. Which of them is most enticing to you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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