We all have a bunch of tech to charge these days, and that can be especially cumbersome when it comes to travelling. Instead of packing several heavy power bricks with you on your next trip, take along the discounted Innergie International USB-C Charger instead. The 60W wall charger is 30% off at Amazon today only, marking a new low price of $83.30. If you don't need the international adapters, you can score the same saving on the U.S.-only model and pick it up for just $76.30.

The Innergie USB-C charger is designed to be portable while providing enough power to recharge even your largest tech items. As well as being capable of fast-charging your compatible phone, it can also juice up more power-hungry devices like your tablet, power bank, Nintendo Switch or USB-C laptop, Chromebook or MacBook. It's way smaller and lighter than your usual laptop charging brick, too.

The international version comes with U.S., UK and EU adapters so you can take it with you on your trips across the pond. There are built-in protections from over-current, over-power, over-voltage, high temperatures, and short-circuiting so you can use it knowing your gear on the other end is safe. It doesn't come with a charging cable, so you'll need to provide your own or pick up an extra USB-C or USB-C to Lightning depending on what you're powering up. For all your other travel charging needs, check out our list of the best travel chargers of 2019.

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