This Black Friday deal bundles all you need for the perfect Fire tablet experience

Amazon Fire HD Tablet on plane official lifestyle
Amazon Fire HD Tablet on plane official lifestyle (Image credit: Amazon)

As much as we love all of the other great Android tablets and iPads out there, there's something about the Amazon Fire tablet lineup that is too good a value to pass up. Not only are they made to handle everyday life, but they're also a great value with HD quality screens and large capacity storage. This Black Friday deal on the Amazon Fire HD 10 comes with a bundle that includes Amazon's excellent standing case and 15W fast USB-C charger for the price that the HD 10 normally costs by itself.

The Amazon Fire HD 10 is one of the best tablets that you can buy for content consumption. With its full HD display, loud speakers, and 12-hour battery life, you have all you need to enjoy your favorite streaming video, music, or games. You can use it as a large screen Kindle e-reader or even connect a Bluetooth keyboard and get some work done in a pinch.

While it may not have the 1TB expandability of the newer HD 8 and HD 8 Plus devices, you can still add up to 512GB of storage, which should more than suffice for long weekends getaways or road trips.

With this bundle, not only do you get a great entertainment tablet, but you get a practical and well-made cover that can wake or sleep the tablet when you open or close the flap and can be arranged to serve as a stand so you can watch content on your tablet hands-free. The included 15W USB-C wall charger is fantastic for topping up your power more quickly than a standard brick, so you can get back to enjoying your content faster.

Note that this price is for the 32GB ad-supported model. You can still get the bundle with a higher storage amount or without ads, but the cost will go up accordingly. Our advice is to purchase this 32GB variant now, and if you ever want to add microSD storage or remove the ads, you can always do so at a later time.

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