Best Verizon Unlimited Plans for Disney Plus in 2022

Disney+ on Verizon
Disney+ on Verizon (Image credit: Ara Wagoner / Android Central)

Disney Plus (Disney+) is a hit and Verizon now includes it with some of its unlimited plans. If you're a Disney, ESPN, or Hulu fan and are ready for a new unlimited data plan, now might be the time to make the switch. Overall, the best plan for Disney+ on Verizon Wireless is the Play More Unlimited plan thanks to the included ESPN+ and Hulu as well as 720p quality if you enable it in your account settings.

Disney+ on iPhone 11 Pro

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Best Overall: Play More Unlimited

Play More Unlimited

A plan for streaming

720p quality capable
Disney Plus, ESPN+, and Hulu included
Premium Network Access (50GB premium data)
5G Ultra Wideband included for some areas
Apple Music included
Only 15GB hotspot
5G limited (for now)

The appropriately-named Play More Unlimited plan is a Verizon Wireless plan geared towards streaming. This is the cheapest plan with 720p video streaming. You'll get a good, high-quality stream that will provide more than enough clarity and color depth to enjoy premium content on Disney+. Luckily, if you want a more consistent high-quality video, you can download videos for offline viewing. This is true for many other video streaming services such as Hulu and ESPN+, which are included with this plan as well.

This plan comes with Premium Network Access, which ensures your connection will be as fast as possible with up to 50GB of monthly usage before slowing down. Premium Network Access also nets you 720p streaming so long as you remember to enable it in your account settings. Streaming on other devices such as a tablet is also hindered with only 15GB of hotspot data, which makes it feel like an oversight on a streaming focused plan.

5G Ultra Wideband service is included in this plan if you live in an area with it available. Ultra Wideband is completely unlimited premium data and will allow you to stream in the highest quality possible. Nationwide 5G will eventually come to Verizon and will work with this plan as well as all other postpaid unlimited plans. This plan also includes six months of Apple Music to round off your multimedia experience.

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No Compromises: Get More Unlimited

Get More Unlimited

Simply everything

720p quality capable
Disney Plus, ESPN+, and Hulu included
Apple Music included
Premium Network Access (50GB premium data)
5G included nationwide
Not enough for 4K streaming on TV

The Get More Unlimited plan is the best of Verizon Wireless, but you have to pay for it. You get Verizon's Premium Network Access, which gives you a healthy 50GB of premium data as well as the option to enable 720p streaming on your account. 5G Ultra Wideband support is here, as well as support for Verizon's future nationwide 5G network.

You can also set your download quality to the max without worrying about data caps to keep your quality maxed out. 30GB of LTE hotspot data won't be enough to rely on it for 4K streaming on your TV but should be fine for tablets.

Apple Music is also included, making this a premium streaming experience for video and audio in one package. You're in for a great experience if you're willing to pay the entry fee.

Disney downloads

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Best for Multiple Devices: Do More Unlimited

Do More Unlimited

More premium data

720 quality capable
Premium Network Access (50GB premium data)
5G nationwide works
Reduced connected device plan
Only six months of Disney+ and Apple Music
No ESPN+ or Hulu

The Do More Unlimited plan is the same price as the Play More plan but it's geared more towards getting work done on more devices thanks to getting 50% off of an Unlimited connected device plan. This means that you can get a Verizon powered tablet online with plenty of data for less.

It also includes six months of Disney+ and Apple Music. Premium Network Access gets you 50GB of premium data as well as optional 720p video streaming. If you have 5G service in your area, all other concerns dissolve and you get unlimited service with full quality videos while streaming. 5G Ultra Wideband and nationwide 5G will work on this network.

Unless you want to get another device connected, you'll likely find a better value in the Play More Unlimited plan for the same price. Still, for the right customer, this plan is nice to have in the lineup.

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Best Value: Start Unlimited

Start Unlimited

Unlimited Disney for less

Cheapest plan
Unlimited data
Six months of Disney Plus and Apple Music
Only 480p video streams
Premium Network Access unavailable
No hotspot
No 5G
No Hulu or ESPN+

Start Unlimited is the most basic unlimited plan available at Verizon Wireless. It gets rid of the bells and whistles like premium data, hotspot, 720p video, and 5G but it keeps the most important bit: unlimited LTE data.

If you plan ahead and download your videos to your phone you can still get a great Disney+ experience for the six months you get for free and $7 per month after that. You also get six months of Apple Music to use, which is a nice addition. 480p video streams should still work fine if the towers aren't congested, meaning this is great for streaming if you don't need high-definition video available at a moment's notice.

Bottom line

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All of these plans come with some amount of Disney+ and if you're using Wi-Fi, you can even watch from up to 10 unique devices. The quality limitations of Start Unlimited will be much less of an issue with Wi-Fi. Premium data is really only an issue for people that live in an area with a ton of cell traffic that can bog down during peak times.

Still, if you want to watch a lot on the road or simply not worry about switching to Wi-Fi everywhere you go, the Play More Unlimited plan is the best bet for streaming. With 720p video streams and Apple Music thrown in, it's the best of Verizon and will be more than enough for most people.

Premium Network Access and 720p

On your older Verizon unlimited plan, you may have noticed that some of your data is described as premium. This was used to describe an amount of data you would get without any sort of deliberate network slowdown. While before it was one of the main differentiators between plans, it has now taken a back seat and been reduced simply to Premium Network Access.

Premium Network Access includes premium data as well as streaming quality improvements. Premium data is 50GB across the board which should really be enough for the vast majority of users, It's not like you're out of luck if you exceed 50GB however, it just means that if the tower is at or near 100% usage, your data takes a back seat until things calm down. Kind of like using an MVNO. For most people, it will be fine.

Don't forget too that AT&T and T-Mobile exist and have grown by leaps and bounds in network capacity in the past few years and may be less congested in your area. Not to mention both of these carriers have a growing sub-6 5G network that increases total network capacity.

Premium Network Access also adds a 720p video quality option to your line. You will need to specifically enable the feature on your line so remember to do this when signing up so you can stream in the best quality possible.

What is Disney Plus and how does it work?

The Simpsons on Disney+

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Disney+ is a streaming service from Disney that includes content from Marvel, Lucasfilm, Fox, and National Geographic, on top of multiple Disney properties. There is a ton of video content to watch right out of the gate from TV Shows to movies. It's been a toss-up for a while whether you would be able to find free legal streaming for Disney shows and movies, but now there is a great source for all this content. It also works on a ton of devices from Android and iOS phones to smart TVs.

Verizon home internet services Fios and 5G Home get 12 months of Disney+. Start Unlimited and Do More Unlimited get six months of standard Disney Plus service while the more expensive Play More and Get More Unlimited plans come with Disney+, ESPN+, and ad-supported Hulu.

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