This Is The Best Time To Buy A Used Galaxy S8

It's tempting to rush out and buy a new Galaxy S9. Being a smartphone junky is kind of like that, and having the very latest and the very greatest is like an itch that needs to be scratched. A side effect of this that we see year after year is having like-new phones up for sale and it's possible to take advantage of that to get a great new-to-you phone at about half the price of buying it new. That means right now is the perfect time to buy a used Galaxy S8.

Taking a look at Swappa for the Galaxy S8 will make you smile if you're looking for a phone. Prices are starting around $360 for phones that work perfectly but have a few signs of being used like tiny scratches on the glass and $400 or so will get you an S8 that looks like it's brand new. That's about $350 cheaper than it was when it was brand new and it's difficult to find any differences in a well-kept S8 bought six months ago and one still in the shrink wrap. In many cases, there is still plenty of time left under the original warranty and sellers often offer their own warranty on top of anything you get through PayPal or your Credit Card company.

Of course, Swappa and other well-known marketplaces for used gear are there to make sure you're happy with the sale, too if buying through Craigslist or somewhere similar makes you nervous.

This is something we see every year when the hot new phone from Samsung becomes available but it's especially relevant this year. The Galaxy S9 is a really nice phone but it doesn't offer a lot over the Galaxy S8. The biggest feature of the new chipset is 5G-like network capabilities and you probably won't have much use for that for the next 18-months. The display, camera, millions of apps and all the other things you love about it are all there and having them while saving a bunch of money makes them even nicer. Even if you're looking for a larger Galaxy S+ model, the S8+ matches up nicely against the Galaxy S9+ and you'll be able to save even more money.

It's definitely something to think about. Even if you weren't planning on buying a new phone in 2018 it's a tempting idea. Just don't think too long about it because the best ones won't be around very long; other people have the same idea.

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Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • I don't believe I would ever buy any type of used electronics device. For myself your just buying someone else's headaches. Why buy used when everyone has cheap deals around for new!
  • I think you might be thinking the worst.
    Used is just fine if you have specific criteria and you refuse to let up on it. It's possible to find deals for very lightly used phones that would be even cheaper than a sale would be.
  • I agree. I wouldn't buy a phone or tablet that had been heavily used as a long-term solution, because I don't know how much wear and tear its seen, or how long the battery is going to last. However, I bought a used S8 in October that had been used for about three months, and saved about $400 relative to a new, unlocked S8. In February, I picked up a used Samsung Gear S2 that mostly sat unused, and last summer I got a Google Home due to the seller missing the return window. No complaints about any of them.
  • Encouraging to buy used phones... interesting take... I buy all my phones used btw. Last year's flagship, this year's top of the line for me lol
  • If you buy an S8 that has light scratches on the screen, I highly recommend the Spigen Neoflex screen protector. I bought a used S8 with some pocket scratches (nothing deep), and when I put the Neoflex on the scratches disappeared completely. It's a TPU film that completely adheres to the glass and cures over 24 hours. It took some effort to get the edges to stick to the curved glass, but five months later they show no signs of peeling.
  • I've purchased several phones used for my daughter (she's pretty hard on phones!) and have had pretty good luck, better in fact than I've had with the Russian Roulette that is Asurion's CLNR insurance program. PS every time I see a story like this concerning S8 prices I'm tickled all over again about the Black Friday S8+ deal I got late last year: $465 on a monthly payment plan.
  • Yup, buying used rarely is a better deal than deals you get on brand new phones such as the one you just mentioned. Whenever a new phone launches, or shortly thereafter, you can usually find a deal that knocks a large amount off MSRP. People who pay full retail price are the ones getting ripped off.
  • I could never buy a used phone, I've been burned a few times so I'll only ever buy an Android phone Brand New.
  • I'll buy anyone's for $300 as long as it works on AT&T. Reply and we can talk. Has to be S8+. I have PayPal. I have a G6 but want the AMOLED!
  • I always buy used since flagships are overpriced and drops dramatically in less than a year.
  • I remember when Swappa was the XDA Marketplace. It was like your only hope of getting a Xiamoi back then.
  • For me the biggest issue with purchasing a used phone anymore is that I can't put a new battery in it. In the days of removable batteries this wasn't an issue but now you have no clue what you are getting.