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When you take your Samsung Galaxy S21 along for a care ride, you want to make sure you're practicing safe driving habits. So whether you stream music via Bluetooth or have a fancy Android Auto display, you need a place to put your device that won't be distracting, get in the way, fall or move around. To that end, we've compiled a list of the best Samsung Galaxy S21 car mounts that you might want to consider for your next drive.

iOttie Easy One Touch 5 Dash

Best overall: iOttie Easy One Touch 5

Staff Pick

iOttie is one of the most trusted brands for auto accessories, and our favorite overall car mount for smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy S21, is the Easy One Touch 5. It securely attaches to your car's dash through a suction cup, but you can also get attachments for the CD player, cup holder, or vent. It can accommodate wide phones securely, and the bottom feet prevent the phone from slipping out of the holder. The magnetic cord organizer is also a nice touch.

Andobil Holder Expert Car Phone Mount Render

Runner-up rider: Andobil Holder Expert Car Phone Mount

This car mount from Andobil puts your Galaxy S21 front and center, right where you need it. The unique swivel arm can rotate 360 degrees and hold your phone in portrait or landscape mode. In the traditional orientation, this mount allows for a clearer view through your windshield.

$21 at Amazon
Vanmass Universal Car Phone Mount

Classic cradle: VANMASS Universal Car Phone Mount

This universal car mount is one of the most popular options on Amazon. It works much like our top pick, with a telescoping arm and an air conditioner vent included. Its suction cup is strong enough to hold a 44-pound bowling ball and comes with an extra suction cup pad.

$28 at Amazon
iOttie Wireless Car Charger Easy One Touch Mount

In charge: iOttie Wireless Car Charger Easy One Touch 2 Qi

If you like the Easy One Touch 5 but want the convenience of wireless charging, then this mount is worth the price of upgrading. It also has a CD/Vent mounting option, but the built-in Qi wireless charger means you can place your S21 in the dock without connecting a cord. The telescopic arm can extend to over eight inches, and it can pivot up to 225 degrees.

Mongoora Universal Air Vent Car Mount

Cool factor: Mongoora Universal Air Vent Car Phone Mount Holder

If you have a dashboard with an odd shape or texture, a suction cup-mounted phone holder may not make the most sense. However, a mount held in place by an air conditioner vent should work in most vehicles. The mount can also rotate, allowing you to view your phone in landscape mode while driving.

$11 at Amazon
Gresur Car Cup Holder Phone Mount

Cup caddy: Gresur Car Cup Holder Phone Mount

I'll admit, this one stuck out to me because it reminded me of a fake plant, but I can see the utility in this unique phone mount. Its sturdy base fits secure in most car cup holders, and its adjustable neck means that you can position it at just the right height and angle for optimal viewing. You can also rotate the phone holder to view your S21 in landscape mode.

$13 at Amazon
Loncaster Car Phone Holder Pad Mat

Horizontal holder: Loncaster Car Phone Holder Pad Mat

If you happen to have a vehicle with a broad, flat, and relatively uninterrupted dash, then this unusual mount might work for you. It holds your S21 in landscape mode (which is better when viewing maps) and even has space for keys, change, or other small knickknacks. It is held securely in place by a slip-resistant pad, and you can even get it in fun colors like red or blue.

$14 at Amazon
Vicseed Strong Magnet Air Vent Mount Reco

Minimalist and magnetic: VICSEED Strong Magnet Air Vent Mount

Instead of adding more elements to your car, declutter it with this minimalist VICSEED Strong Magnet Air Vent Mount. You can clip it onto your car's AC vent, and it'll be out of sight for the most part, unlike other bulky car mounts. The magnet is extremely strong and allows for 360-degree rotation.

$21 at Amazon

These are the best Samsung Galaxy S21 car mounts

Of course, when you have one of the best Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy S21, you're going to want to take it with you wherever you go, including in the car. But if you do so, remember to drive responsibly and safely. That means keeping your phone out of your hands and in a stable and secure car mount.

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iOttie makes some of our favorite car mounts for smartphones, regardless of the device, and the Easy One Touch 5 is a great option for most people. While it does have a convenient magnetic cable holder, some may prefer to upgrade to the Qi-enabled wireless charger version, and who could blame them? There are also some interesting, non-conventional car mounts like the Gresur cup caddy or the Loncaster mat pad.

Whichever car mount you choose for your phone, make sure that you're not missing any of the other best Samsung Galaxy S21 acessories like the best Samsung Galaxy S21 cases or best Samsung Galaxy S21 screen protectors when outfitting your device!

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