Best Samsung Galaxy Accessories in the Car Android Central 2021

If you're going to have a piece of tech in your car, it needs to be reliable. You don't want something to mess up when you're driving down the highway. All of these choices are from reputable brands that have been making accessories for years, and they're the best choices for your car. I've used all of these accessories myself, so I've seen first-hand how well they work.

AUKEY's Car Charger provides fast charging power to your phone, and it'll work with the charging cable that came with your phone. Even better, it includes a second fast charging port for your passenger or another gadget. Finally, it isn't a giant brick — so it won't completely dominate the front console of your car.

Best charger: AUKEY Car Charger Quick Charge 3.0

AUKEY's car charger has two fast charging ports, so your phone and other gadgets will charge at top speeds. AUKEY has been making phone accessories for years, so you know this isn't some shady charger that will fry your phone. Finally, the slim profile means this charger won't dominate your front console.

$19 from Amazon

Best mount: Spigen Magnetic Car Mount

If you use Android Auto on your phone, a good car mount is essential. Spigen's car mounts couldn't be easier to use: a magnetic piece goes inside your phone case or directly on the back of your phone, then the mount clips into your air vent. Attach the magnets, and boom! Your phone is mounted and ready to go.

$12 from Amazon

Another great mount: iOttie Easy One Touch Car Mount

If you don't want to stick a metal plate to your phone — or just want a more secure grip on your phone — iOttie makes the easiest-to-use car mounts out there. The grip cradles and secures your phone, so it won't go flying if you need to slam the brakes. There is gel on on the insides of the grip to keep your phone from getting scuffed, and removing your phone is as simple as giving the grip a good squeeze.

$25 from Amazon

A Bluetooth adapter: Mpow Bluetooth Receiver Car

The Galaxy series still features a headphone jack, but if you want one less thing to plug in when you start your drive, Mpow has the perfect accessory for you. This Bluetooth receiver plugs into the AUX port in your car and is powered from a USB port. Just pair it with your phone like you would some Bluetooth headphones, and your favorite music and podcasts will start playing through your car speakers. This also features a mic for hands-free calls and a mountable remote control for playback controls.

$26 from Amazon

If you drive a lot — whether for work or pleasure — you'll need to make sure you can use your phone for navigation, music or podcasts. A dead battery is no good to you, a navigation route you can't see isn't easy to use, and using your phone speaker for audio is just awful. These accessories will make your drive more pleasant and safer.

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