Best PlayStation 4 Controller Skins Android Central 2022

Sometimes a plain, plastic DualShock 4 controller just doesn't cut it. Whether you want customized artwork or to be able to grip your controller better, skins are the way to go. Though most come in bundles that include console skins, you may only be looking for one or two controller skins by themselves. Luckily, you can still pick them up separately at a cheap price. Here are some options to get you started.

Heavy duty: CHINFAI DualShock 4 Skin Grip Anti-slip Silicone Cover

Staff pick

Gaming sessions can last a while, and when your hands start to get sweaty they easily slip off of your controller. For some extra grip, the CHINFAI DualShock 4 anti-slip silicone cover comes in to save the day. This skin features textured pads so you never lose that edge, and it even comes with four different thumb grips of varying heights.

$11 at Amazon

Studded: YoRHa Studded Silicone Cover Skin Case

The YoRHa skin is similar to the CHINFAI in that it's textured silicone for a better grip, but where the CHINFAI utilizes circular indents, the YoRHa makes use of a raised studded design instead. This 2-pack features a variety of colors to choose from, and it also comes with different thumb grips depending on your needs.

$15 at Amazon

Plain Jane: Insten Silicone Controller Skin

If textured grips don't suit you, then Insten has your back. This skin is smooth across the front with mild ripples along the back to retain that added grip. Textured silicone can sometimes get irritating after prolonged use, so this mitigates that problem if you prefer your controller skins without divots or studs.

$10 at Amazon

Spaacceee: GameXcel Protective Vinyl DualShock 4 Universe Decal

Who doesn't think the universe is cool? This doesn't have a silicone textured grip, but it's still a quality protective skin that sports a lovely galaxy that you can look at. And should you decide you ever want another skin, the adhesive should leave no residue after you take this one off. Play a space game with a space controller, maybe?

$6 at Amazon

Artsy: GameXcel Protective Vinyl DualShock 4 Paint Decal

If a galaxy isn't your thing, then maybe this paint decal is. Again, it's not made of silicone, nor is it textured like some of the previous covers, but it's still pretty to look at and comes fairly cheap if you're looking to pick up a random controller skin one day. Not only that but you will also get a skin for your console with the price of admission.

$6 at Amazon

Marvel knockoff: GameXcel Protective Vinyl DualShock 4 "Window Spider" Decal

Despite pesky trademarks and copyright getting in the way, there's always a workaround. Take for instance this "Window Spider" decal, bearing absolutely no uncanny resemblance to our favorite web-slinging hero in New York City…Hey, trademarks are expensive, and until Marvel makes some official controller skins, this is what we get.

$6 at Amazon

Choose your look

Though the latter skins are merely cosmetic, they're perfect for people who don't like the feel of silicone cases. For everyone else, we'd recommend the CHINFAI DualShock 4 Skin Grip Anti-slip Silicone Cover so long gaming sessions and sweaty hands don't become a chore. Because of its textured pads, you shouldn't feel the same irritation that may arise from using a studded skin for too long.

If silicone skins aren't your thing, then you have nearly unlimited options to choose from when it comes to decals, like the GameXcel Protective Vinyl DualShock 4 Universe Decal, but you can surely find almost anything that suits your style more if need be. Just remember, residual oils from your hands will peel them off the controller, so be sure to wash your hands when applying. You can also use a hair dryer to help adhere the adhesive backing. With a few tricks your decal will sit beautifully.

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