Wherein we help you pick a great Micro-USB cable.

Whether you have a smartphone, tablet or wearable, odds are that you've got a Micro-USB cable (or three) laying around. They're ubiquitous. Just in case you don't, here are some of our favorites.

EZOPower Micro-USB cable

EZOPower Micro-USB cable

If you need a longer yet inexpensive Micro-USB cable, the EZOPower Micro-USB cable works very well.

It's six feet long, so you have plenty of length to play with, whether you're charging your phone in your car or at home. With charging speeds of 2.1A, you'll top up your battery in no time at all.

Additionally, with its data transfer rate of 480Mbps, you can sync music or other files from your computer to your phone in seconds. Grab it in white, green, or orange, starting around $5.

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ReTrak Premier Series Retractable Micro-USB cable

ReTrak Retractable Micro-USB Cable

If you're tired of dealing with messy cables while traveling, the ReTrak Retractable Micro-USB cable may be the one for you.

Available in black in addition to seven bright colors, this Micro-USB cable retracts neatly into a small case — forget about wasting time winding and unwinding cables — a light tug pulls the cable into its casing. When expanded, this Micro-USB cable reaches a length of 3.2 feet in total.

Also, it has a transfer speed of 480Mbps, so you can sync music, pictures, or anything else from your computer to your phone in no time at all. Pricing starts around $8.

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Anker 10-foot Nylon Braided Micro-USB cable

Anker 10-foot-Braided-Nylon-Micro-USB cable

Anker's 10-foot Nylon Braided Micro-USB cable is a good choice if you have limited power outlets in a large room and you need the reach.

Constructed of braided nylon, this cable is strong, durable, and resists tangling. Anker claims that this cable has a lifespan of more than 4,000 bends, and customer reviews seem to back this up. Its gold-plated connectors aid in resisting corrosion as well.

Another benefit of this cable is that it gives you a 480Mbps data transfer speed, as well as fast charging.

If you want a durable, extra-long Micro-USB cable that's fast, the Anker 10-foot Nylon Braided Micro-USB cable is the one for you. And it's only $8.

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Anker PowerLine Micro-USB cable

Anker PowerLine Micro-USB cable

The Anker PowerLine Micro-USB cable is rated highly by consumers, as well as The Wirecutter, because it is very durable and performs its job well. It's also rather inexpensive at only $5.

Made of Kevlar — the same stuff that bulletproof vests are made from — this cable isn't going to fray or otherwise break down any time soon. In fact, Anker boasts that it has a 10,000 bend lifespan, which customer reviews appear to confirm.

Additionally, its heavier-gauge wires are able to charge your device fast.

If you're looking for an inexpensive Micro-USB cable that will last for years without fraying and coming apart at the ends, the Anker PowerLine Micro-USB cable might be your best choice.

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iXCC Micro-USB cable

iXCC's Micro-USB cable is the best-selling one on Amazon, with 75% of its 10,461 reviews being 5-star. It comes in 3, 6, and 10 feet, and you can get a 3-pack with all 3 sizes, so you have a cable for all occasions. iXCC claims a lifespan of over 20 thousand bends, and it has a reinforced boot so that you have added strength where it matters most.

If you're concerned with value and want some durable, reliable Micro-USB cables, then check out a three-pack from iXCC for around $12. Single cables start around $6.

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Rampow braided nylon Micro-USB cable

If you're looking for a durable option, then braided nylon is the best way to go. It holds up better to bending than rubber cables, and Rampow's cables feature stainless steel connectors. Braided nylon cables also resist tangling better than other cables, so toss a Rampow cable in your bag as is and don't worry about pulling out a rat's nest.

The best part of Rampow's Micro-USB cable is Rampow's unconditional lifetime warranty. If anything at all goes wrong with your cable (aside from you cutting it up with scissors), give Rampow a shout and it'll replace it for you. Comes in space gray or red starting at $8.

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And you?

We've laid out our picks for best Micro-USB cables, but how about you? Which Micro-USB cables are you using and why are they awesome? Let us know in the comments below.

Updated August 2017: Removed a discontinued cable and added iXCC's and Rampow's options to the list.