Best kids games on Xbox Game Pass for Android 2022

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Xbox One Project Xcloud Games Library (Image credit: Android Central)

Xbox Game Pass has so many games that one person will probably not be able to play them all in one lifetime. It has games for Android gamers, console gamers, RPG fans, FPS enthusiasts, casual gamers, and just about everything in between.

It's not just the adult gamers who can get something out of a Game Pass subscription. There are plenty of games on Game Pass that are appropriate for younger players as well. Several of them have touch controls, though several require the use of a controller. Luckily, there are several controllers that work well with Game Pass on Android.

These are the games we recommend for parents who want to let their kids play on Game Pass.


Ac Banjo Kazooie

Source: Rare (Image credit: Source: Rare)

This game and its sequel, Banjo-Tooie, are the classic kid-friendly titles on Game Pass available for Android devices. Originally released on the Nintendo 64 in 1998, Banjo-Kazooie is one of those Rare platformers that stands the test of time and will occupy a kid today as easily as it will one of the 90s kids who played the original.

Both games are available on Game Pass Cloud Gaming as part of the Rare Replay collection. As always, the first game is the one to start with, and the bright colors and simple story make this one of the more kid-friendly 90s platformers available on Game Pass or anywhere else.


Banjo-Kazooie is a classic for a reason. This platformer is an adorable, challenging game that's suitable for kids and anyone else.

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Slime Rancher

Out of all the simulation games out there, this one might just be the cutest ever made. You play as Beatrix Lebeau, who owns a farm on an alien planet, where she's hacking out living wrangling slimes. Slimes are twee, smiling balls of jelly who bounce around, make little cooing noises, and literally poop out valuable gems. You couldn't come up with a more pleasant and kid-friendly game if you tried.

That said, just because it's not a violent or dark sim game doesn't mean it's not intricate. There are many customization options for your farm, and while you can coast through exploring and harvesting gems ("plorts") from wild slimes, you can also set up a very efficient and profitable farm. It'd be a good game for teaching children about economics, as there's even an in-game plort market with values that change each day.


Slime Rancher is a farming sim in which you wrangle a bunch of adorable, bouncing jelly-creatures. It's one of the cutest, most delightful games ever created.

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Disneyland Adventures

Ac Disneyland Adventure

Source: Xbox (Image credit: Source: Xbox)

Disney's theme parks may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it's undoubtedly a very family-friendly place. Disneyland Adventures is essentially an exploration game set inside Disneyland park. Given that many people will not have been able to explore the real park safely, this is a good substitute for kids who want to visit the land of the Mouse.

It's not just an exploration game, as there are several minigames associated with various rides around the park, as well as dozens of quests -- though granted, the trade-off is that you can't go on the rides themselves. It might sound sentimental and simplistic, especially given the company behind it, but if you want something cheerful and Disney for your kids, this will let them explore the park without the very high price tag and crowds.


Visit Disneyland Park virtually in this former Kinect title, which lets you hug Disney icons, play ride minigames, and go on quests.

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Rush: A DisneyPixar Adventure

Speaking of Disney, this is a game for kids who love the Disney Pixar movies and want to live in the worlds of those movies, if only for a little while. Like Disneyland Adventures above, it was originally a Kinect title before finding second life without that Xbox peripheral. Now parents and kids can take advantage of the co-op features built into Rush to play in the Pixar lands together.

You play as a customized character who enters the worlds of Ratatouille, The Incredibles, the first three Toy Story films, Up, the first two Cars films, and Finding Dory. You solve various puzzles alongside the familiar characters, including playing with Andy's toys, swimming with Nemo and Dory, and racing with Lightning McQueen. It might not do much for an adult, but if your kid loves Pixar movies, it'll undoubtedly keep them occupied for a while.


Kids can jump right into the worlds of their favorite Disney and Pixar films, including Toy Story, Cars, and The Incredibles, playing puzzles alongside familiar characters.

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Overcooked 2

Single-player games are great, but suppose you want to play a game with your child? Overcooked 2 is one of the games available on Game Pass that is both fun and simplistic enough for kids and complicated enough for adults. It might also be a good opportunity to help teach kids problem-solving skills — though it'll be a trial by fire.

Overcooked 2 has kid-friendly graphics, and you can stick to some of the less-challenging levels if you don't want your child (or yourself) to get overly frustrated. It made our list of the best family games available on Nintendo Switch, as it's both fun and a great value. It offers the same great stuff for Game Pass on Android, and it has touch controls.


This co-op cooking title is relatively simple to play, but difficult to play well. Perfect for both online and local co-op, this game can be played by up to four people. It has touch controls on Android.

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Ori & the Blind Forest

The Ori games may be more suited to older children, but they're still great choices for kids who aren't afraid of a little bit of a challenge. They're beautiful, colorful, and simple to grasp platformers with beautiful scores and art design. While some imagery can frighten children, and some of the platforming sections might be frustrating, the story and main character are simple and approachable enough to remain child-friendly.

Both Blind Forest and Will of the Wisps made our list of must-play Game Pass games for Android, so they're both solid titles. Blind Forest is probably slightly more kid-friendly, as it has somewhat simpler mechanics, but either one would be great for a kid aged about 10 or older.


Ori & the Blind Forest is a fun platformer, beautiful and challenging, and suitable for anyone who wants to enjoy its simple story and combat.

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Viva Piñata

Ac Viva Pinata

Source: Microsoft (Image credit: Source: Microsoft)

Going back to the old-school of games, Viva Piñata is one of Rare's most underrated titles. You have to cultivate an island full of Piñatas to lure and tame them in a bizarre mixture of gardening sim, time management, and animal husbandry. The player must capture the various species of piñata, even though they don't always get along.

Describing it like that makes it sound complicated, but the gameplay is straightforward, and the colorful world is very kid-friendly. While capturing a whole piñata food chain sometimes requires players to sacrifice some piñatas to capture others, it's cheerful and non-graphic enough to still be safely within the realm of kid-friendly games. It also has touch controls on Android.


Rare's take on a Pokemon game, Viva Piñata, lets you grow a garden that will attract lots of colorful piñatas for you to capture. If you've ever wanted to play a game where you can pick out hats for your candy vessels, this is for you. It also has touch controls on Android.

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New Super Lucky's Tale

Microsoft described this adorable platformer as a "complete reimagining" of the original Super Lucky's Tale, released on PC and Xbox One in 2017. Lucky Swiftail must help his sister protect the Book of Ages, which offers access to new worlds, from an evil sorcerer.

As far as kid-friendly games go, it doesn't get more classic than this, a platformer starring an animal hero on a noble quest. This is an expanded version of the original game, with new levels and mechanics added. If you're looking for a game that'll give your kid the platformer experience with modern graphics and controls, this is the perfect game. It has touch controls on mobile.


A rebuilt version of the original Super Lucky's Tale, this New game is a take on the platformers of old. Follow Lucky as he traverses the worlds within the Book of Ages, attempting to thwart evil sorcerer Jinx. It also has touch controls on mobile.

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Peggle 2

Source: EA (Image credit: Source: EA)

With a cast of colorful characters, accessible gameplay, and quickfire levels, Peggle 2 is a perfect game for your child. Fun to get stuck into as well as simply pass the time, Peggle 2 offers players a series of levels, with the aim of clearing 25 pegs using 10 balls, which are fired from a cannon at the top of the screen. The player will have to bounce the balls between pegs to win, with a bucket below the pegs offering a free ball if you can land yours inside. The simplicity of the game is key to its appeal to children, with a learning curve catering for children of all ages.

Each level is accompanied by a child-friendly and Disney-inspired character or Master. They react after completing a level and provide an extra bit of engagement for your child. The game works exceptionally well with touch controls or can be played using a controller.


Fun for kids of all ages, this colorful puzzle game is perfect for longer sessions or to pass the time with some great characters and engaging gameplay.

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Xbox Game Pass is full of kid-friendly games with the service constantly updating, meaning there is always something for your child to enjoy. Out of our picks, Banjo Kazooie is the one with arguably the broadest appeal. Its timeless charm and engaging platforming will likely be of interest to a child of a wider age range to others on this list. Its sequel, Banjo Tooie, is also on Xbox Game Pass, providing more hours of entertainment after the first game is complete. 

If your kid is a bit older and would benefit from something a bit more challenging, Overcooked 2 is a solid choice. While it can be tricky, the chaotic cooking game can be played with others, meaning you can guide your child through more difficult sections, and be involved in the experience as they learn. While many kid-friendly games can be lost on adults, Overcooked 2 is engaging for all ages, and could provide a memorable and worthwhile experience for yourself as well as your child. If it is too tricky however, there are many other games to choose from, and this guide will help provide hours of fun for your little one. 

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