Best fitness accessories for Google Fit 2024

When you begin your search for the very best Google Fit accessories, you'll be met with tons of choices. A free platform available across Android and iOS, Google Fit is a great way to keep track of your long-term health, fitness data, eating habits, weight, and sleep data. 

But for the most accurate Google Fit results, you need wearables, smart scales, and other workout tools to monitor your health progress. You'll want to start your search by finding the best Android smartwatch for health/fitness tracking, but some users might prefer more basic accessories. Whatever the case may be, we've got options for you.

The best fitness accessories for Google Fit

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Time to get fit 

Tracking key aspects of your health and fitness doesn't have to be difficult. What's more, you can make this task easier with the right tools. Between a fitness smartwatch, a smart scale, and a good old-fashioned tape measure, you'll be well on your way to monitoring your progress with Google Fit. Of course, you may want a cheap fitness tracker like the Amazfit Band 7 instead, if you want to avoid a high cost out of the gate.

When it comes to the best Google Fit accessories, what you really need are workout accessories to go with your main hardware. You can buy some workout earbuds like the Jabra Elite 7 Active to keep yourself pumped up while you work out. Or if you want the most accurate health results possible, you could buy an actual heart rate monitor strap in place of a tracker or watch.

It's worth noting that these are just a few of the best Google Fit accessories you can buy that make it a breeze to track your progress. As we mentioned earlier, Google Fit is one of the most popular fitness apps, and when you pair it with the right accessories, you'll be able to track every detail that matters to you.

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