Best Buy last-minute holiday shipping dates: Chromebooks, Galaxy and Pixel phones, Android tablets, and more

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Best Buy Storefront (Image credit: Best Buy)

With only a few days to get your Christmas gifts delivered on time, most retailers can no longer deliver your gifts on time unless they offer in-store pickup. But Best Buy is one of the rare exceptions, offering holiday deals on tech that you may be able to buy and receive that same day.

With limited same-day deliveries, free next-day deliveries on some of its more popular devices, and the option for curbside/in-store pickup if a local store has your device in stock, Best Buy gives you the most versatility for snagging last-minute Christmas gifts.

What is the last day for Best Buy Christmas deliveries?

Best Buy hasn't announced a cut-off date for Christmas deliveries, and the speed of your package will depend on your zip code and whether your item is commonly available near you. Still, we have some solid estimates for Best Buy Christmas order cut-offs.

At the moment, most Best Buy stock has either one- or two-day free delivery. So depending on your order, you could buy something as late as Wednesday, Dec. 22 or Thursday, Dec. 23 and have your package arrive on time.

Of course, delivery delays are extremely common right now; even if Best Buy guarantees an on-time delivery, its partnered carriers — UPS, FedEx and USPS — could easily delay your gift due to an overload of deliveries. So give yourself a buffer of a day or so, just in case.

In some areas, Best Buy offers same-day delivery on items for an extra fee, if you order by 5 p.m. Check your zip code at this link to see if you're eligible. If so, you can order as late as Friday, Dec. 24 at 5 p.m. for your gift.

Lastly, if you live near a Best Buy, you can always pick your package up yourself, avoiding any stresses about delayed packages. Choose in-store or curbside pickup, and your order will usually be available within an hour or so. That means you can order on Dec. 24, so long as you pick up before closing time at your local store.

What are the best Best Buy Christmas deals and gifts available?

If you're looking for a cool gift for a youngster in your life, check with their family to see if they could use a new Chromebook. You'll find several popular models for up to $120 off, including some of the best Chromebooks available this year: the Lenovo Flex 5 and Lenovo Chromebook Duet.

If a Chromebook is a bit too serious of a gift, a tablet for streaming will make most people happy, young or old. Some of the best Android tablets are on sale right now, including the Samsung Galaxy S7/S7+/S7 FE and the Amazon Fire HD 10. There are plenty of great deals available for a last-minute gift.

Another great last-minute gift idea is some of the best wireless earbuds or wireless headphones, since almost anyone could use a new pair. Among our favorites earbuds and headphones, nearly all of our top picks from Samsung, Bose, Apple, and Sony have major discounts up to $100 off.

Lastly, if you want to give an epic gift for someone special in your life, you'll find some of the best Android phones at shockingly low prices. Many of these deals, including $300 off the S21 and $800 off the Z Fold 3 with no trade-in, crush the deals we saw during Black Friday. Now's a genuinely great time to buy one, as a gift for someone else or yourself!

If none of these deals have grabbed you, check out Best Buy for its full list of holiday deals. Or, if you want to expand your options, check out our last-minute Amazon holiday shopping and last-minute Walmart holiday shopping guides to see when you can order gifts from these other major sites!

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