Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Star Wars bundleSource: Samsung

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is right around the corner, and to celebrate the latest Star Wars movie, Samsung recently unveiled the gorgeous Galaxy Note 10+ Star Wars Special Edition.

The bundle is quite expensive at $1,299, but for Star Wars fans, it looks like a dream-come-true. You get a Star Wars-themed Note 10+, Galaxy Buds, a leather case with Kylo Ren's iconic helmet on it, special packaging, and more.

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You can purchase the bundle on December 13 in the U.S., and looking through the AC forums, it has a lot of our members pretty excited.


It looks nice!


Sure it's a nice bundle, but not if you already have a Note 10 plus 5G, pay full whack for that Står Wars one and take a big loss on your current *same* device...... Big F to that.

me just saying

too bad it does not include all the star wars movies - past, present and future :-)


Yeah. That red S Pen is slicker than whale snot.


Now, we've gotta ask — Are you going to buy the Star Wars-themed Galaxy Note 10 bundle?

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