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What you need to know

  • Apple introduced a new MacBook Pro with a keyboard that ditches the unpopular "butterfly" switches.
  • Interim Comms Lead Phil Schiller talked in detail about all of the changes needed to improve the keyboard.
  • Schiller's final point was a jab saying students would not be successful using Chromebooks in class.

Apple's MacBook Pro butterfly keyboard was problematic enough that Apple created an extended service program just to cover broken keyboards. It was such a contentious issue that when Apple launched its newest, most powerful, and largest laptop in years, the first thing commenters mentioned was the new keyboard, which is actually a return to an old keyboard design. In a deep-diving conversation with CNET's Roger Cheng about just how much time Apple spent considering its keyboard, recently-appointed Head of Communications, Phil Schiller, leaves with a jab at the inexpensive and popular Chromebook devices.

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Schiller details all of the feedback Apple gathered for its new-old keyboard design. Schiller applauds the company's decision to remove some of its TouchBar to bring back the Esc key. He sidesteps questions about any touchscreen laptop plans, saying that "engineering effort is better spent on making the Mac be the best keyboard-trackpad experience possible."

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After detailing Apple's keyboard design concerns for the majority of the interview, Schiller addresses a question on the Mac's popularity in education by taking a swipe at Chromebooks. He claims that "Chromebooks have gotten to the classroom because, frankly, they're cheap testing tools for required testing," then proceeds to say that when schools rely on Chromebooks, the students are "not going to succeed." Currently Chromebooks own 60% of education sales for mobile devices, according to an Edweek report on Futuresource Consulting research.

In a later post on Twitter, Schiller again takes an implicit stab at Chromebooks, saying:

"Every child has the ability to succeed — helping them to do that has always been our mission ... giving kids and teachers the content, curriculum and tools they need to learn, explore and grow. Not just to take a test."

Update: Twitter post from Phil Schiller added

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