Apple lawyers claim Samsung lawyer's 'jihadist' comparisons are making talks difficult, Samsung says Apple's being difficult

Apple and Samsung were revealed to be in fresh settlement talks to put these billion-dollar lawsuits behind them, but it turns out that talking smack about each other over the past few years whilst being engaged in said lawsuits has made things, shall we say… difficult. In fact, judging by the tone of statements issued by both lawyers to the court that ordered, one might think they don't even want this to work and just want to spend the next decade litigating. Anything's possible, we suppose.

But what we really have here is more or less manufactured outrage. Apple's statement to the court expressed their anger over how Samsung's lead attorney referred to Apple as "jihadist" in one interview, and in another said the long-running trials were "Apple's Vietnam" (excepting that Apple has come out victorious in the majority of cases).

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Samsung, on the other hand, claims that Apple has been "posturing about Apple's purported trial victories and demanding that Samsung agree to various conditions" before continuing resolution talks.

For these lawyers, these statements and posturing are just that — statements and posturing. They're highly trained and highly paid professionals (not to mention adults) with the ability to put aside this sort of nonsense and publicity. If they really wanted to get down to brass tacks and start talking numbers, they'd be doing just that instead of complaining to the court about what amounts to smack talk and insults. The court had little choice but to send them back to an arbitration attempt, but we wouldn't be surprised to see the lawyers of Apple and Samsung squaring off yet again in a San Jose courtroom in the relatively near future.

The question is, what's left to gain at this point?

Source: US District Court [Scribd]; Via: The Verge